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About the University 🏫

The University of Utah Asia Campus was established as a project with the aim of becoming "The best global education hub in Northeast Asia". The university that currently houses 500 students was established through the Korean government and the metropolis of Incheon, with the goal of educating the next generation of leading profiles in education, economics, industry, culture and the arts.

This was made possible by a huge $1 billion investment to become among the best global universities, while attracting students from all over the world, to diversify the diverse knowledge from multiple continents.

The University is located in the million city of Incheon, which is a short trip by high-speed train from the capital, Seoul. The University of Utah Asia Campus, as the name indicates, is originally an American university, where you experience the well-known American study culture in relation to teaching structure, being taught in English and graded through the American grading system.

In addition to the expectation of students from all over the world, you can expect quite a few Americans who have made the trip to South Korea for the great experience, just like yourself. It gives you great opportunities to expand your circle of friends and broaden your network, which undeniably is an important part of studying abroad.

About the city 🌇

Incheon, is a real business hub, since the city with its 2.7 million inhabitants is located at one of South Korea's most important ports. What makes Incheon even more interesting is that the city is technically part of the Seoul area, which also means that the metros of Incheon and Seoul are strongly connected.

The port city of Incheon is a city in resounding development, resulting in a futuristic like business district with skyscrapers and naturally beautiful parks.

Incheon has a lot to offer the millions of inhabitants and you are never in a situation where you are bored. There are countless restaurants and cafes serving South Korean delicacies at student-friendly prices, a wide range of shopping options, exciting markets as well as galore of cultural experiences with the city's many well-known temples and historical monuments.

Are you the one who manages to experience everything what can be experienced in Incheon in record time? Well, the best suggestion is to hop on a half-hour trip on the high-speed train to the capital Seoul, one of the world's most vibrant cities, where you have a free choice on all shelves according to what your adventurous soul wants. Seoul has everything you could dream of.

Housing 🏡


All students at the University of Utah Asia Campus have the opportunity to live on campus in their fully furnished student accommodations. There is both the option to rent your own room or share a room with a roommate.

Both options are equipped with desk, chair, wardrobe and a bed. In addition, the common areas cover a study lounge, computer room, film room, laundry area as well as a fitness room.

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What the students say

"Come! It’s a lot of fun and I think it’s a great opportunity to learn and find yourself. You’re pushed into a different country without necessarily knowing much about it, and you get to really learn more about yourself, what you want to do, it gives you a whole new perspective" - Victoria J.

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