Strengthen your CV by Studying Abroad

What does a stay abroad mean for your future opportunities? And does it have an effect on your job opportunities at all?

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Your language skills after completing a study stay abroad is a huge advantage when you go apply for your first job as a graduate. These sharp competencies can be beneficial in many different industries - customer service, sales and marketing, finance and much, much more. You have been used to speaking a foreign language in everyday life, which makes it much easier for you to communicate with both customers and colleagues.

You will gain a great cultural understanding abroad, and get used to collaborating with many disciplines as well as differences - something that will strengthen you in your career. You tend to become open-minded, which makes you a trustworthy employee who has a good understanding of networking. You will also show future bosses that you have a tremendous drive and the ability to take challenges with an upright forehead. Throughout your study stay, you have been thrown into new and unfamiliar surroundings, which makes you a very adaptable person who can quickly adjust to new situations.

All of this makes you a very attractive candidate in the job market. No doubt that managers will raise their eyebrows when they see a stay abroad on your resume.

What do the numbers and statistics say?

A study from the EU Commission shows that the probability of experiencing long-term unemployment is only half as great for travelled job seekers compared to those who have not taken a stay abroad during their studies. Students who go abroad possess to a greater extent good qualities such as openness, tolerance, curiosity and the ability to solve problems. It is precisely these characteristics that more than 92 per cent of the employers surveyed point to as important competencies when they are looking for new employees.

It is therefore important that you clarify your CV that you have been Studying Abroad. An analysis shows that updates about studying abroad on your Linkedin profile make you more interesting in recruitment processes. Thus writes TV2. You achieve greater interaction, and this is something that managers notice in your profile.

Another important study from the Danish Agency for University and Internationalization also shows some razor-sharp facts:

- Over 70% of companies consider international outlook and intercultural understanding as very important or important qualities when hiring new employees.

- The larger the company, the more important is the international study experience

- More than 30% of companies explicitly mention internships or study stays abroad as important in the recruitment phase.

- Over 50% of companies predict that experience abroad will be even more important than today when companies have to recruit employees in the future.  

Throw yourself into it, get an experience of a lifetime - and enhance your job opportunities!

You strengthen your job profile with a stay abroad and gain international experience. It makes sense whether you are studying to be a nurse, economist, designer or something completely different. All companies can use an international profile that knows their way around an international scene.

"A stay abroad means a lot to us when we hire. In fact, it will become more and more important. There is a certain maturity, curiosity and independence in daring to take without for the country's borders to study. (...) This is something we consider good sides of a personality when we are looking for new employees" says the recruitment manager at Novo Nordisk, Sebastian Page to Politikken.  

Have you been convinced? So book an appointment with us immediately and hear much more about studying abroad and its fantastic opportunities.

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