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Meet Deni Isic: Your study abroad semester advisor at Uniclub

Deni's role as a study abroad advisor is deeply rooted in his personal journey - He studied abroad in USA, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Norway, Spain and France.

Exchange semester in Los Angeles

During his bachelors degree, Deni started his study abroad adventure in Los Angeles, where the allure of studying abroad first captured his imagination. This pivotal experience not only broadened his horizons but also ignited a profound passion for global exploration through education.

Internship in Amsterdam

Embarking on an internship in Amsterdam, Deni's professional growth unfolded against the picturesque backdrop of Dutch canals. This period abroad not only developed within project management but also exposed him to diverse global perspectives within the professional sphere.

Summer school in Prague

Prague's Bohemian charm beckoned Deni to participate in a summer school program, where he immersed himself in academic excellence amidst the city's spires and cobblestone streets. Here, he delved deep into the rich culture of the Czech Republic, further enriching his educational journey.

Erasmus for entrepreneurs in Istanbul

Continuing his academic pursuits, Deni ventured to Istanbul to complete a special Erasmus program for entrepreneurs, drawing inspiration from the city's rich history and vibrant atmosphere. This international endeavor added depth to his knowledge of doing between in the middle of Europe and Asia

Erasmus Graduate in Oslo

Deni embarked on an Erasmus graduate exchange program to Oslo, Norway, during the interlude between his bachelor's and master's degrees. This immersive experience allowed him to explore the wonders of Scandinavia while expanding his academic horizons.

Semester in Malaga

His pursuit of knowledge led him to Malaga, Spain, where he pursued a semester abroad during his masters degree midst the Mediterranean sun. Here, Deni delved into his chosen field of study, deepening his academic understanding while embracing the local culture.

Summer school programme in Paris

A summer school program in Paris, the City of Light (or romance for some), provided Deni with yet another opportunity to enrich his educational journey against the backdrop of French elegance and history. Surrounded by cultural splendor, he absorbed knowledge and inspiration in equal measure.

Today, Deni draws upon his diverse experiences to guide students in their educational pursuits. His personal journey serves as a testament to the profound impact of international education, inspiring others to embark on their own transformative journeys. Deni's dedication to supporting students underscores the importance of education as a gateway to global understanding and a brighter future. With Deni's guidance, students can embark on their educational endeavors with confidence, knowing they have a seasoned mentor by their side.

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