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I had always wanted to experience something new and different, so when I heard about the opportunity to study abroad in California I jumped at the chance. It was the best decision I could have ever made! The moment my plane touched down in Los Angeles, I felt a rush of excitement. Everything was just so different from what I was used to back home; the people, their cultures, and even the language was all brand new experiences for me. After settling into my dorm room at California State University Long Beach, which quickly became my second home away from home, it didn’t take long before I began immersing myself in American life. My days were filled with classes taught by passionate professors who showed an interest in not only teaching us their subjects but also getting to know each one of us as individuals - something that really helped me open up outside of my comfort zone and develop a newfound confidence within myself. The friends that i made during this time will stay with me forever as we shared some unforgettable memories together exploring everything California had to offer. My English improved significantly due to spending all day with native speakers providing constant motivation for me to keep growing linguistically - which is why now more than ever before do I feel ready and able to help others do exactly what i did: get out of your comfort zone regardless of where you are going!
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