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Meet Jonathan Leuba: Your Go-To Study Abroad Advisor at Uniclub

Unlocking the World Through Scholarships and Study Abroad

I'm a firm believer in embracing challenges, especially when it comes to international studies. Scholarships were my gateway to a world of opportunities, enabling me to embark on a transformative study abroad journey.

Tech-Savvy Semester Abroad Experiences

  • Portugal: Studied IT and aced my Cisco CCNA networking course in the Azores Archipelago.
  • Czech Republic: Completed a comprehensive Blockchain course in Prague, bridging the gap between finance and technology.

Internship and Entrepreneurship in Norway

During my internship abroad in Norway, I founded my own Web Development agency. This hands-on experience was a pivotal part of my study abroad adventure.

Bachelor's Thesis and the Birth of Uniclub

I wrote my Bachelor's thesis on the digitalization of Study Abroad applications in Istanbul, Turkey. This research laid the foundation for what is now Uniclub.

Why Choose Me as Your Study Abroad Advisor

With a background in tech and entrepreneurship, I bring a unique perspective to university abroad opportunities. I'm here to guide you through scholarships, Master's Degree programs, and semester exchange options.

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