Terms and Conditions

What we do and what we don't

When you take on study and internship stays abroad through us, you accept the following:

The application
We help you find the right university and company based on your wishes and requirements, completely free of charge. We answer your questions, provide important information and help you with your entire application for the host university and internship for free. It does not cost extra to apply through us, and in addition we can in some cases remove application fees or offer special promotional agreements.

You first apply through Uniclub as a confirmation that you want us to help you formally apply on your behalf for a study or internship. This application is not binding and costs nothing.

Once we have received your application, you will be sent a link where you can upload the required application documents required by the university / internship to be able to process your application. In addition, our advisors guide you around the financing options such as the study abroad scholarship, SU abroad, scholarships and study abroad loans.

Once you have sent the correct documents and information, we will send the formal application to the host university / internship. The application is processed digitally, which means that we have minimized all waiting time on our part, to the minimum possible. From here, the waiting time consists of the host university / internship's processing of the application, which varies between each individual institution / company. Upon admission, you will receive a letter of admission, which you are entitled to reply to.

It is up to the host university / internship place whether you are assigned a place at the university / company and which subjects you are registered for in connection with the study stay. Uniclub cannot guarantee admission, despite the high probability of admission, if the stated minimum conditions are met.

Housing & Insurance

We just create an overview of the accommodation options. We do not directly assist you in making the actual reservation or guarantee the quality. Be aware that the standard of living in host countries can fluctuate, which means that it is important to take into account expectations and quality. Solve any housing problems with those responsible on site. We reserve the right to change information on our website on an ongoing basis.

Many institutions require that you can present a valid insurance in connection with registration. We offer a study abroad insurance without deduction, which is specially developed for you who study abroad for a given period. We disclaim liability for damages to the student as a result of disaster, strike or other events.

In the case of accommodation, it is the housing providers' contract and policy that come into force. Uniclub does not influence tenant and landlord agreements in the host country. However, Uniclub only presents credible housing options, using information provided by the host universities / companies.

Documents ‍

Your documents will only be used for the purpose of processing your application to the host university / firm. The information is encrypted in our database and will be deleted by our system when the purpose is achieved. To avoid an inconvenient experience, please submit original or stamped copies of your documents.

By accepting our terms and conditions, you also accept that all application documents you submit to us are genuine. We are responsible for ensuring that the original submitted documents are processed securely and shared with those responsible in the application process, as stated in the data policy.

Read our data policy here

Sending forged documents is a crime that is reported to relevant authorities. No fees or other paid costs will be refunded if you cancel / are not admitted due to forged application documents.

We will send you the necessary visa documents issued by the host university. These are sent together with information on how to apply for the visa in question. Once you have received your visa documents from us, you must contact the embassy / consulate of the country in question if you have problems with the visa application.

We are free from liability for rule changes, extra costs, waiting times and other possible inconveniences in connection with the visa application. We always recommend applying as soon as possible, to avoid time pressure with the visa process.

It is up to the embassy / consulate of the country in question whether you will be granted a visa.

Once you have confirmed your place at the host university, payment is made directly to the institution. The full amount required from the host university usually comes as an invoice in the admission letter or as an attached file together with the admission letter. The cost of the tuition fee varies between the different institutions.

It is the host university's rules for payment that come into force during the transaction of the tuition fee. Thus, the rules of the host university in question, such as payment options, deadlines and refund policy, apply.

We will however remind you to apply for the international scholarship(s and funding as early as possible, so that you do not miss out on significant sources of funding.

Liability and Right of Withdrawal‍

Uniclub is the official representative for the offered institutions. However, it is the institutions in question that have the full responsibility for admission, registration, syllabus, education, accreditation and processing time for your application.

Uniclub is not responsible for whether you are granted a visa, funding, scholarships, loan or admission to the host university or an internship with a company. In addition, it is up to your home institution to pre-approve, convert and credit transfer subjects from the host university as well as approval of internships as part of the education. However, we offer free expertise available to you, so that you are best prepared for the outcome within these areas. The advice is targeted so that the outcomes are clear before the financial obligations such as visa fees, airline tickets, housing, tuition fees appear.

We reserve the right to make changes to semester dates, admission requirements and educational events that institutions may make beyond our control. You are responsible for arranging accommodation when you are studying at college or university abroad. Some universities offer accommodation on campus, in homes and / or apartments or collaborate with private housing providers in the study city.

It is the conditions of the individual institutions that apply to the right of withdrawal and fees in the event of any cancellation or postponement of the studies, and it is important that you take the conditions of the institution into account in connection with your application.

However, we always try to help you if unexpected situations arise. It is important that you contact us as soon as possible if you expect to cancel your studies so that we can help with any refunds. If you complete your studies at one of our partner universities, you have been deprived of the right of withdrawal.

The Scholarship Package Warranty


Uniclub ApS with adress at Universitetsbyen 14 is the guarantor and will hereinafter be referred to as Uniclub. Uniclub offers a commercial guarantee which ensures a right to a full refund if, after 12 months from receipt of the products, 'Personal grant list' and/or 'Complete Scholarship Package', the customer has not received at least one grant portion (of any amount) from a fund that appears from these products. The other terms of this guarantee are described from point 5.1-5.3 below.

Warranty terms


If the customer has not used the products or has not applied for any grants that appear in products, 'Personal grant list' and/or other package', the guarantee is waived.

Required documentation

If the customer believes that he or she is entitled to a full refund according to point 5, Uniclub requires the customer to present documentation that they have not achieved financial gain (in the form of at least one portion of the grant issued by a fund that appears in the personal grant list and or other package) when using Uniclub products. This documentation consists of rejection letters from all the funds applied for, as well as documentation from box 16 of the Annual Statement from Tax, for the year to which the exchange stay relates.

Refund process

After the customer has announced that they are requesting a full refund according to point 5, the customer will be contacted by a representative from Uniclub who will guide the customer to submit the required documentation according to point 5.2. The refund process is considered completed if the customer does not submit the required documentation within 14 days, or if the required documentation is received and Uniclub has made the refund. Once the refund process is completed, the required documentation will be deleted in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation Article 17 point 1a, as the information is no longer necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.

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