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About the University 🏫

Massey University in Auckland, is one of 3 Massey University campuses in New Zealand. You can also study in the capital Wellington and the naturally beautiful Palmerston North.

Massey University, Auckland, is located in the rolling parkland on Auckland's beautiful northern coast. The Auckland campus, also known as the "Albany campus" accommodates nearly 7000 students across more than 70 different programmes. It is known as a modern and innovative campus with Spanish inspired architecture.

The campus is located in New Zealand's newest and modern student environment, next to the North Harbour Stadium and the country's largest shopping center. The campus is 20 minutes away from Auckland City Centre via public transport and just a 5 minute bike ride from the beach. Massey University is also a hub for both social and sports events that often resemble those seen in movies, providing the ultimate study abroad feeling.

You can look forward to Massey University, Auckland's state-of-the-art science labs that complement the new "Student Central Complex" in the heart of the campus. Furthermore, the university is known for its high-tech business incubator, better known as the e-center, which aims to shape New Zealand's future in business. The university's "Trading Room" includes Bloomberg's financial terminals, live stock market overview, analytics feeds and brand new screens.

To be 100% sure that the university is geared up with the latest tech facilities, Massey University's Auckland campus has partnered with some of the largest technology parks in New Zealand. The class sizes varies based on what you study, so you can attend classes both in an auditoriums as well as in smaller classes. This gives you the circumstances to meet a lot of new people and make new friends from all over the world.

About the city 🌇

Known as New Zealand's bustling cosmopolitan hub, Auckland is a dream destination for students from around the globe. Consistently ranked among Lonely Planet's top 10 travel destinations, the city offers a blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty that's hard to beat. As the country's commercial and economic powerhouse, Auckland provides ample internship and job opportunities for students in various fields.

But what truly sets Auckland apart is its student-friendly atmosphere. The city is a melting pot of cultures, drawing influences from Māori, Pacific Island, Asian, and European communities. This cultural diversity is not just a statistic; it's a lived experience that enriches the city's culinary scene, arts, and everyday interactions. Whether you're craving sushi, tapas, or traditional Māori hangi, Auckland's got you covered.

Known as the "City of Sails," Auckland is a haven for water enthusiasts. With three major ports, the city's landscape is dotted with yachts, offering students a unique maritime experience. If you're not into sailing, the city's surrounding areas offer a plethora of outdoor activities. From hiking up volcanoes to lounging on pristine beaches, and exploring the 50 nearby islands, nature is just a stone's throw away from the city center.

Housing Opportunities🏫

Halls of residence and apartments

Living at the Massey hall of residence gives you the ultimate sense of being included in a true student community. It gives you great opportunities to establish a student life where you meet people from all over the world.

Homes are available both with meals included and without. There are 24/7 dedicated and professional staff available for all residents. There will be a team living at the student accommodations, which welcomes students, helps them if necessary, creates a safe environment and generally provides the environment with a social and fun atmosphere.

It is important to note that the residence areas are smoke-free and some of them are non-alcoholic. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own student housing and, of course, cleaning up after themselves in the common areas.

See more here


The Homestay option is for those who want an authentic experience with a local family from New Zealand. You become a member of a family that supports you from start to finish during your study abroad adventure.

Students who take advantage of the homestay option get their very own fully furnished room. This includes:

- Bed with linen that is washed weekly

- Desk with chair and lamp

- Pillows, blankets and towels

- Street cupboards and drawers

- Unlimited internet

Additionally, there is access to the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, laundry room, living room and dining room. Some homestay families have multiple rooms so one can share one's homestay experience with another student. The families have been carefully selected and have several years of experience as host families for international students.

See more here

Off-campus accommodation

It is of course also possible to find something private such as an apartment, house or room. It is even an option to rent a room in a hostel or apartment with or without roommates at the following links:

It is important to make sure of the credibility of the landlord along with reading the contract carefully before signing when applying for accommodation outside the university's own student accommodation and collaborators.

Should you be unsure about some elements of private housing rental, it is always a good idea to contact the company/person you are renting from or possibly contact Tenancy Services New Zealand.

See more important information here


Admission Requirements

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What are the Entry Requirements?

To apply for courses and programmes at Massey University, you must meet the general and specific entry requirements.

Documents required from students to apply to Massey University are:

  • Official copies of secondary school transcripts showing courses taken throughout the year and grades received (English version of the document)
  • Award Certificates
  • Passport
  • Health Insurance (OSHC is a minimum requirement)
  • A CV and a motivational letter
  • Evidence of English proficiency if you are a non-native English-speaking student.

See more about the entry requirements at Massey University.

What are the English Requirements?

The English requirements to get admitted to Massey University in Auckland can be sufficed in several ways. Below are the options for students to prove their English proficiency:

You will be able to provide evidence of your English language skills if you have:

  • completed an English language test such as IELTS, Pearson, TOEFL or Cambridge
  • completed some types of university (tertiary) or high-school (secondary) studies taught in English

See more about the English requirements at Massey University.

What are the Tuition Fees?

Tuition fees for international students at Massey University vary depending on the course you choose. The tuition fee at Massey University ranges from 29.000 NZD to 43.000 NZD per year for international students.

The tuition fee for a study abroad semester at Massey University for 4 units which equals to 30 ECTS is approx. 13.000 NZD.

See more about Massey University's tuition fees for international students.

What are the Semester Start Dates?

Massey University makes use of a Semester calendar system, meaning for both full-degree students and semester abroad students studying to receive credit towards their home degree system. The semester system is equivalent in course load and duration to a three-trimester system. Students can start their studies in February, July or November.

See more about Massey University's important dates in the academic calendar.

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What the students say

"I enjoyed, a wide range of things in New Zealand including; being trained, coached and mentored by lecturers who have passion for excellency at skills and knowledge transferring. The mode of teaching at Massey is really tailored in such a way that it makes you employable or ready to set own business" - Adnan M.
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