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About the University 🏫

Established in 1964, Hult International Business School (Hult) has grown to become one of the world's most globally engaged educational institutions with campuses in four continents. Hult is one of the leading business schools in the world, with locations in Boston, San Francisco, New York, Dubai, London, and Shanghai

Hult is recognized by business education’s three most prestigious international accrediting bodies: The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), the Association of MBAs (AMBA), and EQUIS (The European Quality Improvement System). The programs are consistently ranked as among the best in the world by the most renowned publications including the Financial Times, the Economist, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Understanding other cultures is essential for success in global commerce. Hult grads not only flourish in an international environment, but also understand how to take advantage of it to achieve success. They are immersed in a melting stew of 150 countries across a global school network. By working together with peers from around the globe, Hult students create a worldwide network - possible partners, investors, and connections around them. Hult's area of expertise is assisting foreign students in locating employment abroad. Graduates from the 2020 Hult class were recruited by 450 various businesses in 75 different nations.

The campuses are conveniently placed in some of the most important business centers on the planet. Students select one location as their main campus for their program and have the option"rotate" (travel) to other places as the courses are selected. Hult has uniquely mastered this rotating option to secure that students' transition come across smoothly between campuses. In short, this means that you during your 1-year master can study in the US, UAE and UK. You also have the possibility to do a double degree at Hult in 1.5 years.

Take advantage of the chance to learn new skills, broaden your network globally, and experience various countries. Visit various campuses to gain practical experience abroad, or if you want to strengthen your connections in one place, remain in one for the length of your program.

About the city 🌇

Massachusetts' state capital, Boston, is known as a major university hub. Other than Hult International Business School, Boston is home to Harvard University, one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the world. Your network wont simply be dependent on student life from Hult as Boston has several universities contributing significantly to the city's vibrant student culture. Major American universities include Boston University, the University of Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The area around the harbor is always bustling with people enjoying the street cafes, relaxing, and chowing down on delicious lunches at the local fish joints. Beacon Hill, a historic and wistful neighborhood, is home to quaint, 19th-century London–like streets complete with lampposts and cobblestones. Sam's Bar, featured on the TV show of the same name, is located on the outskirts of Beacon Hill. Good Will Hunting and The Departed are just two of the many major Hollywood films shot in the Boston area.

Boston's beautiful skyline is topped by the new State House, which dates back to 1798 and is easily recognizable thanks to its distinctive golden dome. Among the modern buildings of Boston, the historic State House from 1713 is even harder to find. You won't find a more charming or historic structure in all of Boston than this one right here.

Some of the most storied sporting events in American history took place in Boston. Boston dominates in the four major American sports, including football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. The city is especially well-known for its baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, who play at the historic Fenway Park. The loud and sports-crazed atmosphere at a New England Patriots home game in the NFL is also well worth experiencing.

Housing 🏡


Amber is a website where students can reserve housing for an extended period of time. The platform is used to find and reserve long-term housing close to their schools, all without having to deal with the usual housing-related hassles such as haggling, non-standard and time-consuming paperwork, and a flawed payment system.

See more about Amberstudent here.


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University Living

University Living is a global student housing marketplace. It helps students across the globe find suitable and secure accommodation near their university campuses.

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Admission Requirements

What are the Entry Requirements?

To apply for courses and programmes at Hult International Business School, you must meet the general and specific entry requirements.

Documents required from students to apply to Hult International Business School are:

  • Official copies of secondary school transcripts showing courses taken throughout the year and grades received (English version of the document)
  • Award Certificates
  • Passport
  • Personal Statement
  • Evidence of English proficiency if you are a non-native English-speaking student.

See more about the entry requirements at Hult International Business School.

What are the English Requirements?

The English requirements to get admitted to Hult International Business School in Boston can be sufficed in several ways. Below are the options for students to prove their English proficiency:

You will be able to provide evidence of your English language skills if you have:

  • completed an English language test such as IELTS, Pearson, TOEFL or Cambridge
  • completed some types of university (tertiary) or high-school (secondary) studies taught in English

See more about the English requirements at Hult International Business School.

What are the Tuition Fees?

Tuition fees for international students at Hult International Business School vary depending on the course you choose. The tuition fee at Hult International Business School ranges from 57.000 USD to 70.000 USD per year for international students.

The tuition fee for a study abroad semester at Hult International Business School for 15 credits which equals to 30 ECTS is approx. 28.300 USD.

See more about Hult International Business School's tuition fees for international students.

What are the semester start dates?

Hult International Business School uses a semester system for both full-degree students and semester abroad students studying to receive credit towards their home degree system. The semester system is equivalent in course load and duration to a three-trimester system. Students can start their studies in January or September.

See more about Hult International Business School's important dates in the academic calendar.

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What the students say

"Here, I have finally found my place among like-minded individuals. Hult is full of ambitious forward thinkers who want to make an impact on the world. Hult students are not scared of dreaming big." - Morten N.