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About the University 🏫

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Edmonds College is your gateway to a picturesque campus, a wide range of academic programs, and a student community you'll thrive in.

Campus and Location:

Campus is located in beautiful Washington state in the diverse city of Lynnwood. The campus borders the Lynnwood Golf Course, is centrally located and has its own bus transit center for convenient transportation to Seattle and the surrounding areas. Its worth noting that the campus is located close to:

  • 30 minutes north of Seattle
  • 45 minutes north of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
  • 2 hours south of Vancouver, Canada
  • 10 minutes to waterfront beaches and Alderwood Shopping Mall
  • Walking distance to restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and entertainment

Academic Excellence:

Edmonds College offers a diverse array of programs, from arts and sciences to business and healthcare. Whether you're pursuing an associate degree, a study abrpad semester or a four-year university, the supportive environment will help you reach your goals.

Community and Inclusivity:

At Edmonds College, inclusivity and diversity are more than just words; they're our way of life. Our campus is a melting pot of students from various backgrounds who come together to learn, collaborate, and expand their horizons. The strong sense of community here fosters connections that often last a lifetime.

Notable Features:

  • Natural Beauty: The natural surroundings of our campus are awe-inspiring, offering breathtaking sunsets over the Puget Sound and nearby hiking trails in the Cascade Mountains for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Support Services: We're all about student success and offer a wide range of support services, including tutoring, counseling, and career guidance, ensuring you have the resources you need to excel.
  • Cultural Diversity: Our college celebrates cultural diversity through events, clubs, and organizations that promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Transfer Opportunities: If you plan to continue your education, Edmonds College has strong transfer agreements with four-year universities, making it an excellent choice for bachelor's degree aspirants.
  • Arts and Culture: Our campus is a creative hub, with art galleries, music performances, and theater productions enriching the cultural landscape of our college community.

Endless Opportunities Await!

  • Edmonds College is your public college offering high school completion programs, two-year degrees for seamless university transfer, various professional degrees and certificates, and even Bachelor's degrees. Our park-like campus is just 30 minutes north of bustling Seattle, nestled in a safe residential neighborhood.
  • We provide comprehensive support services like tutoring, advising, and career exploration, all delivered by our caring faculty who prioritize your success in the United States.
  • Located in the vicinity of industry leaders like Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon in STEM and business industries, we offer students the chance to explore these fields in our state-of-the-art STEM building, Hazel Miller Hall.

About the city 🌇

Seattle - The city where the possibilities are as endless as the views from the Space Needle! If you're seeking an unforgettable student experience, this city is your ticket to excitement, culture, and innovation.

Students have been asked why Seattle is the place to be as a student. Below is what students in particular have been happy about during their student time in Seattle.

Tech Hub Extravaganza: Seattle is the ultimate playground for tech enthusiasts. Home to tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, you'll find innovation buzzing in the air. Explore the cutting-edge world of AI, cloud computing, and beyond.

Nature Lover's Paradise: Nature and city living harmonize perfectly here. Explore lush green parks, embark on scenic hikes in the Cascade Mountains, or kayak on serene lakes. Picture yourself enjoying an epic sunset over Puget Sound – Instagram-worthy moments await!

Music, Arts, and Culture: Seattle's music scene birthed legendary acts like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Dive into the underground music venues, visit the iconic Experience Music Project Museum, or catch live performances at local clubs.

Coffee Capital: Coffee aficionados, rejoice! Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, but it's also a haven for indie coffee shops. Sip your way through artisanal brews while studying or chatting with friends.

Foodie Paradise: From fresh seafood at Pike Place Market to diverse global cuisine, Seattle's food scene is a gastronomic adventure. Don't miss the opportunity to try delicious Pacific Northwest seafood.

Sports Galore: Cheer for the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field or catch a Mariners game at T-Mobile Park. Seattleites take their sports seriously, and the energy at these games is electric.

Film and Pop Culture: Seattle has been the backdrop for numerous iconic films and TV shows. Explore the locations where your favorite scenes were shot and feel like you're in the movies.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Seattle's entrepreneurial spirit is contagious. It's a place where startups thrive, and opportunities for internships and networking abound.

Diversity and Inclusivity: Seattle embraces diversity, making it a welcoming home for students from all walks of life. You'll find countless cultural festivals, events, and communities that celebrate different backgrounds.

Housing Opportunities🏫

Students have several housing options at Edmonds College, including the modern on-campus residence halls, Rainier Place and Triton Court. For those seeking a more immersive experience, they also offer a longstanding Homestay program, connecting students with welcoming American families conveniently located near campus.

Features of the residence hall apartments include:

  • Fully furnished accommodations
  • Access to on-site laundry facilities
  • 24/7 security for your peace of mind
  • Dedicated Resident Assistants providing support
  • Benefit from our 40 years of experience in the Housing and Residence Life program

See more here

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Admission Requirements for Fulltime Degrees

Here is a description of the most important information for your study abroad. Rememeber, single semester study abroad (exchange) have often lower entry requirements and different course catalogues. Contact your advisor to hear about stipends, entry requirements, tuitions fees, course descriptions and more.
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What is the tuition and requirements for study abroad (exchange) students?

The study abroad (exchange student) programme will often have a different tuition fee and lower entry requirements. In addition, there might be a specific course catalog for study abroad exchange students. Book a call with a Uniclub advisor who will present you the requirements for single semester study abroad students, and how to navigate within the course catalog.

Additionally, you might be able to get exempt from taking a TOEFL or IELTS test as a study abroad (exchange) student. A Uniclub advisor will advise you on which universities have more flexbile English proficiency requirements.

What are the Semester Start Dates?

Edmonds College operates on a quarter system, which is a type of academic calendar system. In the quarter system, the academic year is divided into three quarters or terms: fall, winter, and spring. Each quarter typically lasts around 11 weeks, and there is also a shorter summer quarter.

Here's a general breakdown of the academic calendar at Edmonds College:

Fall Quarter: Fall quarter usually starts in late September and runs through December. It's the beginning of the academic year and an excellent time for new students to start their studies.

Winter Quarter: Winter quarter typically begins in early January and continues through March. It provides a fresh start to the year and is a great time for students to continue their studies or begin new courses.

Spring Quarter: Spring quarter typically starts in late March or early April and runs through June. It's the final quarter of the regular academic year and often includes various events and activities.

Summer Quarter: The summer quarter is shorter than the regular quarters and usually spans from late June to August. It's an opportunity for students to catch up on coursework, accelerate their studies, or explore special summer classes.

See more about Edmonds College's important dates in the academic calendar.

What are the Entry Requirements?

To apply for courses and programmes at Edmonds College, you must meet the general and specific entry requirements.

Documents required from students to apply to Edmonds College are:

  • Official copies of secondary school transcripts showing courses taken throughout the year and grades received (English version of the document)
  • Award Certificates
  • Passport
  • Health insurance
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Evidence of English proficiency if you are a non-native English-speaking student.

The steps to apply to study at Edmonds College are:

1. Submit a Login Request for an Application ID Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN)

2. Start Your Online Application

3. Activate your ctcLink Account

4. Pay $50 USD Non-refundable Application Fee and Upload Receipt

5. Request the English Placement Test (if applicable)

6. Upload Important Documents to Online Application

7. Complete a Housing Application (optional)

8. Apply for Scholarship (optional)

See more about the entry requirements at Edmonds College.

What are the English Requirements?

The English requirements to get admitted to Edmonds College can be sufficed in several ways. Below are the options for students to prove their English proficiency:

You will be able to provide evidence of your English language skills if you have:

  • completed some types of university (tertiary) or high-school (secondary) studies taught in English

See more about the english requirements at Edmonds College.

What are the Tuition Fees?

Tuition fees for international students at Edmonds College vary depending on the course you choose. The tuition fee at Edmonds College is approx. 20.440 USD per year for international students.

The tuition fee for a study abroad semester at Edmonds College for 15 credits which equals to 30 ECTS is approx. 3550 USD.

See more about Edmonds College tuition fees for international students.

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Jeg ledte efter et freemover-ophold i udlandet gennem Uniclub, og jeg fik noget af den bedste service, jeg har oplevet. De tog sig af alt det praktiske, og fjernede næsten alt det besvær med arbejde, det kan være at ansøge om et udvekslingsophold.

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Havde fantastisk service og hjælp gennem hele processen. Vil bestemt anbefale

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Jeg skal til Australien i et semester, og før jeg fandt Uniclub, virkede hele ansøgningsprocessen umulig. De her gutter er simpelthen de bedste. De har det rigtige svar på bogstaveligt talt ethvert spørgsmål, du har. De er hjælpsomme, hurtige, med fremragende service

Balas. B
Deakin, Australien
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Uniclub og Deni Isic, få min absolut varmeste anbefaling! Jeg havde en drøm om at komme til Japan, der virkede fjern og uhåndterlig, men Deni og resten af Uniclub har hjulpet mig gennem hele processen.

iCla, Japan
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Jeg er lige vendt tilbage fra mit udvekslingsophold i Irland, hvilket ikke ville have været muligt, hvis det ikke var for Uniclub. Hvis du leder efter en udveksling som freemover, så kan jeg ikke anbefale UniClub nok!

Jacob R.
TUS, Irland
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