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About the University 🏫

California State University system (CSU), is the largest public university system in the United States. Since the line of CSU universities is partly funded by tuition fees and partly by the state, you get the original American student experience with high professionalism, while the tuition fee is repeatedly given awards such as "Most valuable education for your money".

What better advantage is there to take of the above than the CSU Channel Islands campus (CSUCI), which is a beautiful sight with its buildings built in Spanish style, beautiful scenery and location close to the beach. In addition, CSUCI has a wide range of subjects and studies, which means that the probability that you will find something merit transferable for you is really high.

The teaching takes place in smaller classrooms so that you get the most out of learning while getting the authentic American student experience by studying with students in a more personal and intimate environment. California State Universities, is also known for attracting students from all over the world, which means you make friends and networks not only in the United States, but also from around the globe.

CSUCI, is known for being a super intimate campus with its nearly 6,000 students, who through the university's many social clubs, organizations, sports clubs and events have an almost family bond.

About the city 🌇

Camarillo known for its laid back atmosphere in Southern California. The city offers sunshine almost year-round, which means there's plenty of time for outdoor shopping at Camarillo Premium Outlets, hike in the mountains or cycle along the hills, then indulge in the city's delicious restaurants or wine tasting at the wineries.

Camarillo is named after his original family of ranchers, infused with small town charm and rich agricultural history. Immerse yourself in the culture through historical attractions such as Camarillo Ranch and commemorative Air Force museum or unique exciting attractions like Skydive Coastal California or Skyrider Ultralights.

And if the beach calls, simply follow the fresh sea breeze located out to the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy the short scenic drive from Camarillo to the beautiful beaches of California. Whether you want to see Point Hueneme, Malibu or Point Mugu, they're all just a few miles away.

When you enjoy an extended weekend, you'll enjoy Camarillo's ingenious location. You are just 1 hour from LA and about 5 hours from Las Vegas and San Francisco, and many other notable American cities.

Housing 🏡


CSUCI has several buildings around campus for students to live on. You can choose from 4 different residential complexes under the name Santa Rosa Village, Santa Cruz Village, Anacapa Village and Town Center. Most homes in all complexes are shared homes besides Anacapa Village which offers their own homes.

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What the students say

"I love CSU Channel Islands! I have grown so much both academically and professionally. I have made many great memories and friends and I have encountered excellent professors" - David M.

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