November 27, 2023

Aarhus University's Arts Travel Stipend

Aarhus University's Arts Travel Stipend
Deni Isic

If your study programme at Aarhus University is part of the Arts faculty, we got some good news for you. You can apply for the Arts travel stipend if you are going abroad as a free-mover.

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What is the Arts Travel Stipend?

The Arts Travel Stipend is a stipend that students can apply for when they go abroad as a free-mover. That means for study abroad stays that are not through AU's own exchange agreements. You can therefore in addition to the udlandsstipendium also apply for the travel stipend.

How much can i receive from the travel stipend?

The rates are pretty simple to remember. If your study abroad is in Europe, you'll receive 4000 kr. If your study abroad is outside of Europe, you'll receive 6000 kr.

Note: Since the stipend rates are fixed, you dont need to attach a budget in your application.

What are the requirements to apply for the Arts Travel Stipend?

• You must apply as a free-mover (for example through Uniclub).

• Have completed at least on year (60 ECTS) of your current studies.

• You must have your courses abroad pre-approved by AU.

• Your stay must be credit-bearing meaning that you'll take 30 ECTS abroad.

• The duration of your study abroad stay must be minimum 3 months and maximum 10 months.

• The host institution must confirm your stay by signing a Confirmation of Enrolment (the document must be sent to no later than 2 weeks after you return.)

When is the application deadline?

There are two application rounds each year. The first one is 1. March - 1. April if you are going for that fall semester the same year. The second round is 1. October - 1. November if you are going the following spring semester.

You apply by sending an email to with the aforementioned documents. Its okay if you dont have all of the from the beginning. You can always start your application and send the missing documents along the road.

Read more about the Arts Travel Stipend.

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