March 7, 2023

The udlandsstipendium: Receive up to 46.000 kr. pr. semester abroad

The udlandsstipendium: Receive up to 46.000 kr. pr. semester abroad
Deni Isic

Are you considering going abroad to study for a semester or complete your entire degree? And are you in doubt about the rules for the udlandsstipendium for studies abroad? By investing a few minutes in this article, you will be provided with information about everything you need to know about studying abroad financed by the udlandsstipendium.

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What is the udlandsstipendium?

The Danish government has truly proven their urge to internationalize the skills of students from Denmark with this one. Since the udlandsstipendium scheme was introduced in 2008, students have been entitled to receive a subsidy from the state to pay the tuition fee abroad udlandsstipendium as a NON-loan based subsidy which gives you the chances to pick and choose which university you want to study at. In short, you simply get the taxameter money your educational institution would otherwise have received, directly in your bank account to cover your tuition fee. The udlandsstipendium is not taxable.

How many times can i get the udlandsstipendium?

The udlandsstipendium can be used for 120 ECTS, the equivalent of 2 years of full-time studies abroad. It is completely up to you how you distribute the subsidized 120 ECTS of international studies.

What can i get the udlandsstipendium for?

A simple way to see the udlandsstipendium is as a subsidy-ticket for 120 ECTS, where you decide yourself how you would like to distribute them. You can use the udlandsstipendium for:

• A pre-approved semester abroad (Study Abroad), which is part of your bachelor's or master's degree.

• Pre-approved summer courses if they form part of your bachelor's or master's degree

• A full master's degree program of 1-2 years' duration (60-120 ECTS).

Important notes: You are entitled to the udlandsstipendium for a Study Abroad semester and summer school as long as your home university in Denmark pre-approves the courses - That is done internally through your home university's intranet. If you are not sure where find the form for pre-approval of courses, simply ask your study administration to forward you the link for it.

For a full masters degree, your degree abroad must appear on the Fast Track list on the official SU website. If this is not the case, you must apply to have it included in the list. If it is an artistic or cultural degree, the education abroad must be on the udlandsstipendieliste in order for you to receive a udlandsstipendium for it.

How much can i receive from the udlandsstipendium?

The subsidy for the courses or programme corresponds to the subsidy that the Danish state provides for a similar education in Denmark. So it depends on what you study. Underneath you'll find a rough overview. If you're in doubt about your specific programme, ask us in the live chat. Actually, you can do that right now in the bottom right corner. Chances are that you'll have a reply before you finish reading this article.

Rate 1. 💵 22.000 kr. per semester: Trade, economics, business, marketing, management, law, language, theology and philosophy.

Rate 2. 💰 32.000 kr. per semester: Communication, sports, health, management and media studies.

Rate 3. 💵 46.000 kr. per semester: Medicine, veterinary science, engineering, chemistry, biology and IT.

Note: The amount may vary and it is the SU office that calculates your udlandsstipendium rate, and you will be paid the maximum amount corresponding to your tuition fee abroad. You can also see the rates on's website right here.

Example: Simon is studying Software Engineering at Aarhus University and is eligible for approx. 46.000 DKK. If Simon decides to study IT courses at Technological University of the Shannon in Ireland where the tuition fee is 37.500 DKK, Simon will maximum receive 37.500 DKK.

Udlandsstipendium for Study Abroad (semester stay)

When you apply for the udlandsstipendium for a credit-bearing study abroad semester stay, your university abroad does not need to appear on any list. If only your Danish home institution has pre-approved your study stay, then they have thereby also certified the university abroad. With pre-approving your stay abroad, it is meant that your home university pre-approves the course you are intending to take at the host university. You will get a confirmation from your home university once your pre-approval of your courses has been confirmed.

You can see the pre-approval of courses as a contract between yourself and your home university that your semester stay abroad is approved and that you will get your ECTS credit-transferred if your pass the courses abroad. The rules and rates apply regardless if youre going for a study abroad semester as part of your bachelors or masters degree.

Note: If you want to study a summer course abroad, the process is the same. You simply get the course(s) you intend to take abroad pre-approved in order to apply for the udlandsstipendium to pay course fee.

Udlandsstipendium for a full masters degree

When you apply for the udlandsstipendium for an entire master's degree abroad, you need to be aware of the bulletpoint below:

• The university must  appear on the SU site's Fast Track list of programs and universities that are approved for the udlandsstipendium.

• The university must be approved as SU-eligible, if the university or degree is not eligible, you can apply for it to be on the official SU website.

• You must send documentation that the university is publicly recognized. Helpful documentation for that can be found here.

What are the requirements to receive the udlandsstipendium?

Pretty simple actually, believe it or not. To receive the udlandsstipendium you need to ensure that you fulfill the requirements:

• You have to be SU-eligible and have at least 1 SU clip for the semester abroad.

• Your study abroad semester must be pre-approved and credit-bearing.

• You must have received the acceptance letter from the university where the tuition fee has to be paid.

• For a full masters degree, you must have SU clips for the full degree and the University and its degree must appear on the fast track list.

* In short, you must be SU-eligible and be in possession of a letter of admission (acceptance letter). If you go for a semester abroad you have to get your courses pre-approved by your home university before you apply. If it is for a full masters degree abroad, the programme must be on the fast-track list.

How and what do i need to apply for the udlandsstipendium?

Once you have been admitted and have received the invoice from your host university, you can begin the application process. It takes place through your SU office if it is for a study abroad semester. For a full masters degree abroad, everything is handled and processed through minSU. Of course, we guide you along the road.

Here is how to apply and what you need to apply for the udlandsstipendium:

• Fill out your SU office's udlandsstipendium application form (for study abroad semester students).

• Apply at MinSU (for full masters degree abroad).

• Your admission letter from the host university.

• A pre-approval of your subjects (for semester abroad students).

• An invoice stating the price of the tuition fee from the host university.

• If you have paid the tuition fee in advance, you simply attach the receipt proving your tuition payment.

For semester abroad students, you simply send all of that to your SU-office at your institution and they will process your udlandsstipendium application. It may take up to two months before the money is transferred to your bank account, so do yourself the favor and start as early as possible.

For students that are applying for a full masters degree abroad, everything will be handled online through your application on MinSU. Again, just make sure that your programme abroad is on the fast-track list. If its not, start out with applying for it to be. The material here should be helpful for that.

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