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Lanekassen and the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund

Lanekassen and the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
Deni Isic

Unlock Your Study Abroad Financial Potential with Lånekassen and More!

Introduction:Unlock the treasure trove of financial support for your Study Abroad adventure with Lånekassen and various private funds in Norway! Whether you're eyeing a Semester Abroad, a Bachelor's Degree, or a Master's Degree at an International University, this guide is your golden ticket to making your International Studies more affordable.


  • Lånekassen's Basic and Additional Grants
  • Private Scholarships and Funds
  • Financial Support for Studies Abroad
  • Popular Scholarships for Norwegian Students Abroad

Dive Deeper into Lånekassen's Offerings

Most students are familiar with the basic study support from Lånekassen, but did you know that's just scratching the surface? Here, we'll explore all the corners of Lånekassen's financial offerings.

Key Points:

  • Base Loans: Up to NOK 123,519 for the academic year 2020/2021.
  • Loan Conversion: Up to 40% can be converted into scholarships.
  • Income and Asset Limits: Vary based on your personal circumstances.

Here you will find all the information you need to start the hunt for the hidden treasures.

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Financial support from Lånekassen in general

If we look at the wide range of grants, it might be worth looking into what you can actually get out of the Lånekassen. Most of us know approximately what Lånekassen provides in ordinary student support, but you should also find out what they offer in addition - it may be more than you think! Here we will highlight all of Lånekassen's corners:

In the academic year 2020/2021, all students in higher education can get up to NOK 123,519 in base loans from Lånekassen. But there are two things you should note about this:

The first is the word "loan". The entire sum that makes up the student aid from Lånekassen is initially paid out as a loan. But up to 40 per cent of the amount can fortunately be turned into a scholarship, which amounts to NOK 49,408. It requires that you live away from your parents, pass the exams and have no income or assets above the prescribed amounts. Read more about converting basic loans into grants here.

If you are to receive support from Lånekassen for the entire calendar year 2020, you can earn NOK 188,509 and at the same time receive a full scholarship from Lånekassen. If you will only have study support for seven months or less during 2020, you can earn up to NOK 471,270 before the grant is reduced. The asset limit in 2020 is NOK 428,861. That applies if you are single. If you have a spouse or cohabitant with joint children, in 2020, you can have a total asset of up to NOK 823,663. Read more about the income and asset limits here.

The second is the word "basis": The basic loan is only the basic effort that anyone can get granted as long as certain criteria are needed: You must have signed the agreement with Lånekassen, you must have registered a valid account number, the educational institution must have confirmed that you have been admitted for the education for which you are applying for support, and the educational institution must have confirmed that you have paid your tuition fee. But there are also a number of supplementary grants that can have an impact on the monthly amount that ticks into your account.

For studies abroad - from Lånekassen

Also for education abroad, the choices are roughly twofold: what you can get in support from Lånekassen and what is available from scholarships and grants from various foundations and organisations. We begin with the most elementary; The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund:

To receive support for studies abroad, you must be admitted as a student to a full-time education. No support is given for part-time education abroad. You can get support to take a full degree or parts of a Norwegian degree abroad, such as a semester (or multiple) abroad.

Lånekassen's financial support for studies abroad is divided into three main types: basic support, tuition fee support and grants for travel expenses. In addition, you can get support for language courses. The basic support of up to NOK 123,519 per academic year is the same for all full-time higher education students - both in Norway and abroad.

If you pass the exams/your studies and do not earn more than Lånekassen's income and asset limit, up to 40 per cent of the basic support can be turned into a scholarship. The different rates depend on which part of the world, in which country and at which university you will study. More about that can be read here.

Tuition fee support outside the Nordic countries can consist of the following types of support:

• Normal tuition fee support, which is paid partly as a loan and partly as a grant.

• Additional loan to cover tuition fees, which is paid out as a pure loan.

• Additional grant to cover tuition fees at selected universities.

Within the Nordic region, you can borrow a maximum of NOK 66,604 to cover school fees for the 2020/2021 school year. Support for tuition fees in the Nordic countries is only given as a loan. Read more about support for tuition fees within the nordic countries here.

Grants for travel expenses must cover the costs of two return trips a year. Exactly how much you will receive in support depends on where in the world you study. You can use Lånekassen's own estimator here.

Language grant: If you are going to study abroad in a teaching language other than English, Swedish or Danish, you can get NOK 22,164 in grant for a preparatory language course. Read more about the stipend for language courses here.

For studies abroad - outside of Lånekassen

As was mentioned in the section on various grants, funds and endowments, there are plenty of them itching to sponsor your education. Not least, it also applies to those who want to study abroad.

There are both public and private organizations and foundations that offer scholarships to Norwegian students who will study in specific countries or parts of the world. In this case, Google will get your far but below you will get an overview of the most popular ones:

Here are some examples of scholarships for Norwegian students abroad:

Mext: The Japanese Ministry of Education MEXT awards scholarships to Norwegian students who wish to study in Japan. The scholarship runs for one year from September/October 2020, and goes to studies in Japanese language and culture at bachelor's level at a university in Japan. The Mext grant is in addition to the study grant from Lånekassen.

Fulbright: The Fulbright scholarship is awarded to students who wish to complete all or part of a master's or doctoral degree in the USA. All professional fields. The scholarship amounts vary from NOK 50,000 to NOK 200,000. It is assumed that the study has not already begun at a university in the USA, and that the place of study in the USA is accredited. Read more about the Fulbright scholarship here.

NORAM: Norway-America The association offers scholarships to Norwegian citizens for graduate studies (master's and PhD) in the USA. Up to 35 scholarships are awarded each year. The scholarship amounts are from approx. USD 2,000 to USD 20,000. The program consists of scholarships from several different organizations and scholarship funds. Applicants are automatically considered for all scholarships they qualify for. Read more about the NORAM scholarship here.

Whether you are going to study in Norway or abroad, it pays to check what opportunities are available at There are also many schools abroad that have their own scholarships earmarked for international students.

This can be anything from sports scholarships to scholarships based on academic results. Read about the relevant schools at and visit their websites to find information about scholarship schemes that may be relevant for you.

Also visit the websites of Norway's embassy to investigate whether they provide scholarships to Norwegian students.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're planning to study in Norway or venture out for a Semester Abroad, it pays to explore all financial avenues. From Lånekassen's diverse offerings to private scholarships, your dream of studying at an International University is more attainable than you think.

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