March 1, 2024

5 Reasons for students to choose ISIC when studying abroad

5 Reasons for students to choose ISIC when studying abroad
Deni Isic

Why should a student have a digital ISIC card with them, wherever they go? Listen up, ’cos we’re about to tell you!  Psst, did you know that when going on a study abroad via Uniclub, you get your ISIC with a 50% discount? Pretty awesome!

ISIC phone application
ISIC phone application

1. Student flight tickets

The ISIC card is the only student ID in the world entitled to special student fares for flight tickets. Over a dozen airlines worldwide grant the student fare to ISIC cardholders, including British Airways, and Emirates among many! The student ticket is especially handy when you travel one way (up to around the world!) or want to stay on tour for a long time such as a full year. The student ticket is much more flexible than a regular plane ticket; most student tickets' travel dates and even routes can be modified, and the terms are in other ways more flexible than in standard tickets as well. Most student tickets also include 1 or 2 bags, so even if you’re going to spend several months or a year abroad studying, on a working holiday, exchange year, or on a longer trip, you’ll perfectly fit everything you need with you. Some airlines, like Thai Airways, also let the student’s spouse travel with a student ticket, if the student is an ISIC card holder and the spouse is under 35 years of age. So, keep your loved one(s) close and fly cheaply and flexibly with student flight tickets!

Explore discounted offers on the ISIC app
Explore discounted offers on the ISIC app

2. Over 150 000 student discounts in 130 countries in the ISIC App

With your digital ISIC, you enjoy the best student discounts when at home and while adventuring abroad! Discounts on public transportation, restaurants, cafes, shops, accommodations, cultural sights, and loads more! The whole world is a real treasure chest of student discounts: Activate your digital ISIC in the app and check out the student discounts wherever your study abroad or travels take you.

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3. Making student life better

ISIC helps students make their student time easier and more affordable while encouraging more international student life. ISIC is the only globally accepted student ID and is available for all full-time students from 12 years old. ISIC is useful for any student, especially when you travel a lot or consider studying or doing an internship abroad.

4. Information on international student life

ISIC wants to help students go out to the world and encourage them to make the most of their student life. That’s why you can always find information about international opportunities and student life abroad. ISIC keeps you updated and informed about traveling with a student budget, student-friendly destinations, scholarships and grants, exchange studies, internships abroad, working holiday, volunteering abroad, and more! To keep up, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter.

5. A truly international student community

Become part of the ISIC network: there are already more than 5 million students with an ISIC card. ISIC is along with you from the beginning till the end of your studies. For international student life, ISIC is all you need. Get your digital ISIC from the Uniclub team with a 50% discount when going on a study abroad!

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