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About the University 🏫

Vistula University is known as one of Poland's top private colleges. It was established in Warsaw, Poland, in 1996 as The Superior School of Economics and Computer Science, and changed their name to Vistula University in 2011. The university is situated in one of the fastest-growing capitals in Europe, has a distinctively global ambiance and enrolls students from more than 26 nations across four continents.

Vistula University places amongst high rankings with being eighth in the 2011 Wprost ranking and in top 5 in the 'Perspektywy University Rankings, 2022'. The University's efforts were also considered in the Outlook rating, where it placed 18th in 2011 and received a special award for the largest increase in ranking among private institutions. The university was also awarded the title Ambasadora Polskiej Nauki and the distinguished Uczelnia Lider (school of leaders) certificate for its work in producing highly educated professionals who satisfy the demands of employers on the domestic and foreign labor markets.

With a total building area of 25,000 square meters, the university has 60 classrooms, 8 computer laboratories, 7 assembly halls, an extensive library, an Olympic sports hall, a gym, 4 tennis fields, and parking for 300 vehicles. All staff members and pupils have access to basic medical services on site. It is conveniently located in the center of Warsaw, just 50 meters from the city's only subway route.

At Vistula University you can select between English or Polish-language classes for the three-year bachelor's degree and the two-year master's degree. Additionally, you have the opportunity to enroll into two faculties at the same time and graduate with two diplomas in various fields. In this instance, you will only end up paying the tuiton for one degree despite getting a double-degree.

Vistula University offers a variety of programmes within the study fields such as Computer Science, Business And Management, Applied And Pure Sciences, Social Studies And Media, Architecture And Construction along with Creative Arts And Design.

About the city 🌇

With over 1.8 million residents, Warsaw is both Poland's capital and biggest metropolis. Located in the geographic center of Poland, on the banks of the Vistula River.

Warsaw has been called a "phoenix city" due to its ability to rise again from the ashes of destruction after its history of rapid growth following numerous conflicts. It was almost entirely destroyed during World War II, like Rotterdam and Dresden, but the tale of Warsaw's devastation and ultimate defeat is much more tragic. Reconstructed from a field of rubble, its historic center was recreated thanks to the efforts of its remaining residents and, indeed, the entire country, but much of its legacy was lost in the process. Because of its sizable Jewish community, which was almost entirely annihilated during World War II, Warsaw is also a significant site for Holocaust memorials and education.

Warsaw is now a thriving city, the ninth most populous urban center in the European Union and one of the EU's fastest-growing cities. It is continuously evolving and features an eclectic blend of new and ancient building styles. Despite its size, the city's excellent public transportation makes visiting a breeze, and the majority of the city's top attractions are conveniently located within walking distance of one another.

Living in Warsaw is an exciting experience, as the city has so much to offer! Whether it’s sightseeing, shopping, or dining out, there are plenty of popular places to explore. From iconic landmarks and museums to traditional restaurants and markets.

Start your visit by exploring the historic Old Town of Warsaw. Here you can find the beautiful Stare Miasto (Old Town) Square that dates back centuries and features stunning Baroque architecture. Take a stroll along Ulica Nowomiejska (New Market Street), lined with lively bars and cafes. Don't miss the chance to take in the breathtaking views from one of the highest towers in Europe - The Palace of Culture and Science!

Housing 🏡

Vistula Universities provide all students with an option to live in the Vistula dormitory. For more information about the dormitory and how to book a room at the Vistula student dormitory, you can contact: accommodation@vistula.edu.pl

About the dorm

  • Room: Clean, comfortable, safe, and providing an aesthetically appealing environment, the rooms are equipped with two single beds, two bedside tables, small chests of drawers by the beds, two wardrobes for clothes, two desks, two office lamps, an electric kettle, and two cups.

  • Kitchen: You also have mandatory kitchen equipment, which  include: kitchen furniture (top and bottom), two hobs/induction stove, and plates (8 burners), a built-in sink, two washing machines, two refrigerators with a freezer compartment, table and chairs, (6 pieces), and electric kettle.

  • Hallway: The hallway is completely decorated with a matt finish, and its safety equipment includes: smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, CCTV cameras,  and carbon monoxide detectors to warn of danger.

  • Bathroom: You have a bathroom for two people in each room, equipped with a towel hanger, shower soap holder, bath shelves, toilet paper holder, dustbin, and a floor mat.


Mangalia 1
Warsaw, Poland


210 euros per month, per person, in a double room.


Mr. Mykola Andrushchuk
International Accommodation Officer
Vistula University
Stokłosy 3, 02-787
Email – accommodation@vistula.edu.pl
Phone no +48 798 066 870

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Admission Requirements

What are the Entry Requirements?

To apply for courses and programmes at Vistula University, you must meet the general and specific entry requirements.

Documents required from students to apply to Vistula University are:

  • Official copies of secondary school transcripts showing courses taken throughout the year and grades received (English version of the document)
  • Award Certificates
  • Passport
  • Evidence of English proficiency if you are a non-native English-speaking student.

See more about the entry requirements at Vistula University.

What are the English Requirements?

The English requirements to get admitted to Vistula University in Warsaw can be sufficed in several ways. Below are the options for students to prove their English proficiency:

You will be able to provide evidence of your English language skills if you have:

  • completed an English language test such as IELTS, Pearson, TOEFL or Cambridge
  • completed some types of university (tertiary) or high-school (secondary) studies taught in English

See more about the English requirements at Vistula University.

What are the Tuition Fees?

Tuition fees for international students at Vistula University vary depending on the course you choose. The tuition fee at Vistula University ranges from 2.500 EUR to 3.800 EUR per year for international students.

The tuition fee for a study abroad semester at Vistula University for 4 units which equals to 30 ECTS is approx. 1600 EUR.

See more about Vistula University's tuition fees for international students.

What are the semester start dates?

Vistula University uses a semester system for both full-degree students and semester abroad students studying to receive credit towards their home degree system. The semester system is equivalent in course load and duration to a three-trimester system. Students can start their studies in February or September.

See more about Vistula University's important dates in the academic calendar.

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