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About the University 🏫

Engineers in Soenderborg at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) are not only trained and educated in the latest technology and methods, but they also learn how to work in teams and communicate with other professions. The School of Engineering has attracted local and international students and offers bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Software Engineering.

Studying in Denmark is free for EU students, and the relationship between students and lecturers is rather informal - you don't look down on the student and you can talk to teachers about other things than only academic topics. In addition, Denmark is not as expensive as it may seem - according to students, prudence and control of expenses mean that the cost of living is similar to those in southern Europe.

International students are an important part of the university. It is worth adding that every fifth SDU student is from outside Denmark. Thanks to the diversity of cultures and the sharing of views and traditions, the experience gained by students is enriched. It is especially important in group work, which thanks to this diversity allows to achieve better results, and students acquire very important skills. For this reason, the university pays special attention to international students - supporting them not only during their studies, but also before their arrival and after graduation.

SDU Soenderborg is truly a dream university. World-class facilities, guaranteed accomodation, international environtment and best of all? Job guarantee after graduation from some of Denmarks largest engineering companies such as Danfoss and Linak.

About the city 🌇

Your are about to be introduced to one of the hidden gems in Denmark, Soenderborg - one of the most livable cities in Europe. Located on the most southern region of Denmark, Soenderborg has a population of approximately 30,000 people. The city is known for its clean air and green surroundings, as well as its high quality of life. Because it is located near the sea, Soenderborg offers many aquatic experiences like sailing or kayaking.

Soenderborg is a charming, vibrant community with a lot to do. In town, there is a wide variety of shops and eateries. In your free time you can enjoy a day of shopping at one of the multiple local stores, check out the city mall or try out some international cuisine from one of the ethnic restaurants. For those who have more time on their hands, Soenderborg offers plenty of outdoor activities, such as mountain biking trails, golf courses or other sports which are all available in Soenderborg. The city also has a number of museums that are worth visiting.

From May to September, there is a wealth of exciting music festivals and outdoor concerts and during the wintertime, you can enjoy Christmas concerts, New Year's concerts and Electronic Music Festival.

Another major advantage to Soenderborg is the fact that it is located conveniently for visiting other bigger European Cities. With a car you are never longer away than 2 hours from Hamburg, 5 hours from Berlin, 6 hours from Amsterdam and 9 hours from Prague.

Housing 🏡

The University of Southern Denmark is proud to provide guaranteed accommodation for all international students moving to Denmark. Soenderborg is known to have remarkably lower housing costs meaning that you will get more sqm for your rent, than in bigger cities such as Aarhus, Odense or Copenhagen.

You should apply for accommodation as soon as you have submitted your application to SDU, even if you are not sure you will be admitted. In case you do not get admitted, your application for accommodation will be cancelled automatically.


Through Soenderborg's halls of accommodations platform, you will find a variety of accommodations ranging from 1-room accommodations with separate bathroom and shared kitchen to large 1-, 1½-, 2-, and 3-room accommodations with separate bathroom and kitchen.

A few accommodations are furnished, but in general the accommodations are unfurnished, however, equipped with lamps and window blinds.

There are guest rooms, party rooms, activity rooms, laundry, and bicycle storage rooms at the halls of accommodations. Furthermore, wonderful green areas surround the halls of accommodations. Here it is possible to play football, beach-volley, etc.

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What the students say

"I love SDU not just because of the campus itself, but the teaching is high quality and the professors will become your friends eventually" - Marian L.

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