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About the University 🏫

Berlin, Hamburg and Iserlohn - You choose which one you want to call your student city when studying at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. You can choose a unique atmosphere in the capital, a northern German port city or an American campus-based university, whichever you prefer. The three campuses meet a wide range of wishes: for example, the campus in Berlin is located in the heart of the city, just off Potsdamer Platz.

Campus in Hamburg is located in the Altona district, right next to the harbour and the Elbe River. The Iserlohn campus is surrounded by greenery and offers plenty of leisure activities at Seilersee.

University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) educates future designers and decision-makers within business, sports, media and IT, arts and design. The 4 keywords that best describe UE are: practical, international, interdisciplinary and focused on success. The study environment takes place in an informal atmosphere, so you can grow as a person. Trust is placed on your shoulders while teachers strive for you to experience success. You learn from a practical approach and not least to think internationally.

In addition to state-of-the-art facilities, with real-life teaching and cases, as well as a wide range of subjects and studies, with UE on the CV you can count on becoming an in-demand profile as the "Employability after graduation" rate is as high as 93% (based on getting a job within 1 year).

Take the chance and become part of the UE environment that ensures you a top-notch degree in an international environment.

About the city 🌇

Hamburg is home to over 1.8 million people and the second largest city in Germany. Hamburg, known as the "gateway to the world," is due to the city's prosperity, a major transport hub and a flashy industry combined and promoted by influential media.

Hamburg has about 2300 bridges, which are actually more than Amsterdam and Venice combined. Along with bridges, there are many green spaces, some even used as recreational venues, that are considered a true enrichment among the many student residents of the area.

In particular, in a city life characterized by luxury shops, supercars, generous shopping opportunities, cafes and restaurants, there is a special area Hamburg is especially known for. Namely the legendary Reeperbahn, which is the star of Hamburg's nightlife. The raw cityscape of Hamburg, with bars and eateries in a row, is a true hotspot for locals, students and tourists from all over the world, guaranteed to provide some memorable experiences.

As a student in a diverse city, you learn not only through books, but through lively experiences. You can enjoy them with Hamburg's many theatres, operas, cultural monuments, art and sporting events available for everyone.

Housing 🏡


With its fresh design, Smartment in Hamburg is many students' preferred residence in the city. Smartments offers fully furnished en-suite rooms. In addition, there are lounges to study and relax in, a fitness room, the opportunity to borrow bikes, laundry rooms, Wi-Fi, 24/7 security and much more.

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The Fizz

The Fizz, is a fresh young student housing concept with a nice design. Student housing is available both as private apartments or in shared apartments. The homes offer full furnishings, Wi-Fi, lounges for studying and relaxing in, shared kitchen environment, laundry room, mini cinema, outdoor areas as well as security around the clock.

There, you are free to park the bike in the bicycle cellar, which can only be accessed with the chip. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits and discounts The Fizz membership card brings and the many social events that are being held.

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Stuart Student Apartments

Stuart Student Apartment, is student housing with a particularly youthful touch for students. The residences are en-suite apartments that offers full furnishings, Wi-Fi, lounges for studying and relaxation, and accessible spaces with domestic necessities such as a vacuum cleaner, ironing board, etc. for free.

You can also enjoy the gaming areas, whether you're into digital computer games or a game of table football.

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Uninest Student Residences

Uninest Student Residences, is a modern student housing complex in the heart of Hamburg. Student housing is available both as private or as shared apartments. The homes offer full furnishings, Wi-Fi, lounges for studying and relaxation, laundry rooms, on-site staff and 24/7 security.

There, you are free to park the bike in the bicycle cellar, which can simply be accessed with the chip.

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Home Company

An alternative to the hamburg housing search is home company which is known as a reliable platform.

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An alternative to the housing search in Hamburg, is Immonet. Immonet is a trustworthy housing platform and is used among many students.

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What the students say

“There is really a lot of emphasis on practice. As a student, you quickly gain project experience and make a lot of contacts” - Lea D.

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