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About the University 🏫

Kyoto University of Advanced Sciences (KUAS) is among Japan's most recognized technical universities. With its focus on offering English-taught world-class education within engineering, students are both linguistically and technically prepared to work anywhere in the world.

It is worth mentioning that KUAS currently only offers entire degrees and not semester stays. In addition to the studies, KUAS also offers Japanese courses so you can delve deeper into Japanese culture while studying there. The KUAS campus is relatively intimate with smaller classrooms and over 3600 students in total, which means that the focus is on your particular learning.

Campus is located in the middle of Kyoto, which is world renowned for being home to giant companies within technology and electronics. This provides the perfect conditions for a stimulating network within the engineering industry. KUAS actually invested several million euros into the university a few years ago in order to upgrade to the latest technological facilities for the engineering department. The investment comes from nothing less than Shigenobu Nagamori, founder of the company Nidec and on the board of directors at KUAS.

In addition to making friends and broaden your network through the intimate KUAS campus, you can enjoy that over 130,000 international students call Kyoto its student city. This means that you get incredible opportunities to socialize and experience the true Japanese study culture.

About the city 🌇

Kyoto is truly a central part of Japan's spiritual heart. Kyoto houses 1.5 million inhabitants and about 2,000 temples including true masterpieces of religious architecture, such as the retina-burning splendor of Kinkaku-ji (the famed Golden Pavilion) and the cavernous expanse of Higashi Hongan-ji.

This is where the monks roe between temple buildings while prayer songs resonate through stunning zen gardens. This is also where you can experience the faithful meditations on tatami mats. Although the modern part of the city evolves all the time, the constant wealth of burning incense remains the glaring light to the vermillion torii gate that marks an entrance to the shrine.

The idea of the culinary experiences in Kyoto is something truly special. Kyoto is filled with everything from Michelin-starred restaurants, cocktail bars, cool cafes and sushi places to food markets such as izakaya (Japanese pub eateries), craft beer bars and old-school noodle places.

You can try a true taste experience in the kitchen known as kaiseki, where you look out over a private garden, taste the most perfect tempura in a traditional building, with steaming bowls of ramen where you sit elbow-to-elbow amongst locals. In true traditional fashion, you then end the experience with a matcha (powdered green tea) sundae.

A stay in Kyoto will with no doubt open your eyes to a completely different world you didn't know existed. The fascinating thing about it all is that it takes place in one of the world's most modern and well-established countries. You can safely know that you will never get bored in Japan, as the country and culture has more depth than you would ever imagine.

Housing 🏡


Kyoto University has its own dormitories near campus. The dormitory is a great way to stay close to campus and nurture social life, as both Japanese and international students live there.

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Anyplace offers student accommodation with full furnishings for students coming to Kyoto for their studies.

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What the students say

"It was a very amazing experience at KUAS. Thanks to the students, professors and international students for this life-changing experience - Giselda D.

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