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About the University 🏫

The Institute for American Universities was founded in 1957, and is one of Europe's oldest universities based on the American system. The university is known for being one of the largest study abroad programme provider. You can also study abroad at IAU campus in Madrid.

The Institute for American Universities specializes in humanities, social studies, business and arts. The courses are taught in English, as the vast majority of the students are Americans. In addition, many international students from all over the world are coming each semester to study at IAU.

The teaching takes place in smaller classes which means that your learning is in focus. Furthermore, an important and interesting detail for many students is that IAU incorporates field tours into their study program, which is well organized by the lecturers.

About the city 🌇

30 km north of Marseille lies historic Aix-en-Provence on the Mediterranean Sea, giving international students the ultimate opportunity to experience the culture of southern France.

The mild climate, famous cuisine and beautiful art gives the Mediterranean region a unique feeling compared to other places in the world. Despite traditional French culture in an intimate way, Aix-en-Provence possesses the elegance of a metropolis city. Finity its mountain and Mont Sainte Victoire location, Aix-en-Provenc is enriched with a natural basin, its famous fountains, windy streets, sunny central squares and monuments.

The city also houses a lot of concerts, the summer festival "Festival d'Art Lyrique", libraries, museums, markets and cafés that have given the city a good reputation in France. Students in particular can benefit from the city's restaurants, nightclubs and sports facilities.

The sunny and dry climate provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the nearby beaches, hike in the mountains and if you are into skiing you can always go on a trip in the Alps, which are not far away from the city.

Housing 🏡


In the total cost of studying at The Institute for American Universities, homestay is included. Students are given accommodation with a French host family. Living in a French home is an ideal opportunity to be introduced to southern French life. The families are carefully selected host families and have many years of experience hosting international students.

Each student get their own room with the family. In addition, breakfast and further 6 meals a week are served by the family. For lunch, which you take of yourself, there are countless affordable cafes, brasseries as well as small sandwich and grocery stores with a wide selection. It is also possible to visit the many food markets around the city.

Not only are you provided with weekly cleaning of your room, you'll also get a bed, linen, pillow and blankets included. However, you must bring your own towels. You have access to one piece of laundry in the machine per week. If there is an interest in being placed with a fellow student with a family, this is also possible if you apply for it.

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What the students say

"I learned to see the world through a different perspective and it was extremely eye opening for me. It was definitely the most worthwhile experience I've ever had. There's nothing about my college career that I loved more than my experience at IAU" - Manar S.

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