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About the University 🏫

Deakin University's bustling main campus called Burwood Campus, is a truly vibrant lively area to engage in. With the university's approximately 23,000 students, the campus feels like a city in its own right. In addition, students with Deakin University on the CV can boast of having a diploma from a top 2% university.

Deakin University is more than just a prestigious academic experience. You get to experience social activities through a buddy program as well as their well-known semester start event, "The Beach Welcome Program" and "The Global Citizenship Program".

Burwood Campus at Deakin University has amazing areas for both socialization and studying. With the university's innovative architecture, spacious modern buildings, study lounges and social rooms, you have the perfect conditions to mix study and leisure together.

The University offers programmes and courses in virtually all areas, making your chances of finding something that suits you really good. Especially, if you are interested in Marine biology, there is plenty of knowledge and experiences to be gained. Along with the good study environment, modern facilities and vibrant campus life, you can expect to meet students from all over the world flocking to the popular Deakin University in Melbourne.

About the city 🌇

Melbourne, is the capital of the well-known Australian state, Victoria. With its combination of beaches, skyscrapers and vibrant nightlife, the city has been voted "The world's most livable city" seven times in a row. Of course, this has caused students from all over the world to flock to the metropolis, benefiting from the average temperature of 20C degrees all year round.

Out of the city's 4.2 million inhabitants, as many as 300,000 are students from Melbourne's well-known universities, about a third of whom are international students. This helps to make the city dynamic with countless sporting and cultural events all year round. The exotic selection of restaurants and cafes helps satisfy all taste buds and budgets, and just the idea of choosing an eatery in Melbourne is an adventure for itself.

The high proportion of students help make the bars and nightclubs a level you usually only see on Instagram, and the selection of them is something very special. Hip hop, pop, karaoke, Latino vibes? You name it, Melbourne has it.

The coolest thing about the city for many of Melbourne's residents and visitors is that regardless of your lifestyle and favourite leisure activities, there's something for every preference. If you're into beaches and surfing, food tours, museum visits, sports events, nature or simply willing to try discovering new sides of yourself, then Melbourne is undeniably the place for you.

Housing 🏡


The vast community of students are living on Melbourne Burwood Campus Accommodation, which is one of the reasons why 1175 students can call the on-campus housing their home. The homes are available in everything from studio apartments, two-bedroom apartments and all the way up to homes that can house ten students.

Regardless of what you you choose, you get your own bedroom in a furnished apartment with free internet available. In the common areas you can enjoy sofas, coffee tables, TV, dining tables and various kitchen equipment free to use. Students can socialize in the common area room, which offers pool and table tennis tables, movie rooms and a rooftop terrace with a barbecue.

For the cleaning days, a vacuum cleaner and bucket floor mop is available for residents. All laundry can be done in the laundry room, which also has an iron and ironing board available.

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An alternative to the housing search in Melbourne, is Houseme. Houseme is a trustworthy housing platform and is recommended by Deakin University.

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What the students say

"Studying abroad in Australia has been the most extraordinary and life-changing event in my life thus far. The education I have received thus far at Deakin University has not only been classroom-based, but has provided me with valuable real-world knowledge as well" - Martha M

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