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About the University 🏫

Curtin University, is Western Australia's largest and most cultural university with students from over 125 different countries. Are you in love with Curtin University but prefer another destination? Then you can rejoice that they have campus in Sarawak (Malaysia), Dubai(UAE),  Singapore and Beau Bassin-Rose Hill (Mauritius).‍The campus is located just outside Perth and offers a fantastic study environment.

In addition to a great campus, you have easy access to the nearby beach and unique adventurous experiences that help provide the true Australian study experience. It's easy to see why students from all over the globe flock to Curtin University. The university is ranked as among the top 1% best universities that guarantee world-class education. In addition, it all takes place in a warm sunny climate with a relaxed lifestyle, and a vibrant economy with adventure and new discoveries at your doorstep.

It is worth mentioning that Curtin University is firmly in the world top 200 QS Overall World University Rankings. This is followed by a wide range of subjects and studies, which makes it convenient to find something within your particular field of study.

About the city 🌇

Find the travel bag and polish off your passport, because once you've read about the Australian city of Perth, it's going to be hard not to dream away. Perth is Australia's sunniest city, making beach and surfing trips a year-round thing for its roughly 2 million residents. Regardless whether you're studying for a semester or an entire degree in Perth, there's plenty outdoor activities waiting for you.

It can be anything from beach activities to an adventure tour of the pristine nature of Western Australia. A detail that makes students from all over the world want to call Perth its student city is that the city has significantly lower living costs than other major cities in Australia.

This means that the money goes further without compromising city life, endless shopping, vibrant nightlife, cultural experiences and the view of skyscrapers and mile-long beaches. The adventurous souls can be so pleased that Perth has an airport that has an incredible range of destinations they fly directly to, such as Bali.

Housing 🏡

Curtin University in Perth, has an incredibly good selection of student accommodations as well as professional help with it. In addition, it is free to apply for them as well as all homes around campus being fully furnished.‍

You can get the full overview here. If you need personal assistance, you can always contact or call +61 8 9266 4430 during opening hours, which are all weekdays 8:30am - 4.30pm (Australian time).

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"I was comfortable from day one as everyone was so friendly and always happy to help" Patrizia P.

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