Norma og Frode Jacobsens Fond Study abroad Scholarship

The purpose of the fund is to provide support for research in Danish agriculture, including partly and especially to the promotion of: the competitiveness of primary producers, slaughterhouses and processing companies that produce and sell pork and other meat products, and activities relating to ethics and animal welfare, environmental concerns , consumer interests, diet and health, history and future prospects. This purpose is realized by the fund providing support to applicants. The very major part of the fund's distributions are made for projects relating to the pork sector. The fund can also carry out its own projects. In addition, the fund provides support for study trips.

Amount delegated yearly: 2 million Kr.

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+ Young researchers 'and qualified students' study trips regarding agricultural conditions of importance to the pork sector+ Individual study stays in which applicant participates in teaching relating to agricultural conditions of importance to the pork sector+ Applicants who have obtained a bachelor's degree or completed an education at the same level+ Qualified Students' Study Travel Regarding Agricultural Conditions of Importance To Pork Sector+ Study trips abroad for at least 3 months duration+ With 20 student grants per year of each up to DKK 25,000

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