+ Professional Bachelor Students (PBS) study stays abroad

+ The stay must include teaching or the like. Internship abroad for at least 3 months.

For health care programs are accepted at least 8 weeks and 10 ECTS

+ The teaching/internship must be an integral part of a Danish educational course, and merit from your Danish educational institution must be documented

+ You must have completed one year of your PBS before the commencement of the stay applied for. The grant is paid only when documentation of this is sent

+ To support the student's education with a view to acquiring professional qualifications, global outlook, committing internationally, etc.

+ Get more information on our website: bachelor student

Scholarships, Guaranteed

Scholarship Warranty. Receive a full refund, if you have not received a Scholarship for your study abroad.*

Our Promise
"...They have helped me right down to the smallest detail, e.g. with the application itself, applying for credits for subjects (I study at CBS), scholarship applications and much more..."
Lisa S.
To Universidad Europea, Spain
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"Uniclub has been super helpful with my exchange to Australia. They have helped to find university, subjects, scholarships, and much more. They are easy to get in touch with and good at offering advice and help when needed..."
Daniel H.
To Southern Cross, Australia
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"Uniclub has made the whole process much more manageable. They helped with all parts, both grant application, budget, subjects and much more. It has all been a huge help..."
Sara V.
To Universidad Europea, Spain
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