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Danish Female Doctors Association (KLF) is an interest association for female doctors and medical students. It was founded in 1928. The origin of the original association for female doctors, but is today a network for both male and female doctors. The purpose is to create debate and inform about current topics in our society, especially in the health field, act as a network and support for female doctors, arrange interdisciplinary meetings for doctors, both female and male, to collaborate with Danish Women's National Council and other women's organizations, collaboration with Female doctors in other countries through the Medical Women's International Association (MWIA), work internationally for women's equal right of disease treatment and health-promoting measures in all life sections through MWIA and other organizations, also within the UN system, and to fight violence against women and strengthen women's Rights.

Amount delegated yearly: Unknown

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+ AIDS and Cancer Research done by Female Doctors and Medical Students+ Only members of the Female Doctor's Association

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