Environmental Humanities

What you can expect

Ca'Foscari University of Venice

The master's degree explores the role humanities are called to play in times of environmental crisis, generating socio-ecological awareness and inspiring sustainability transformations. It embraces the emergent paradigm of Environmental Humanities, aimed at sustaining cultural and ethical change to protect and nourish life on our planet. The programme is based on a careful analysis of interactions between cultural, social, and natural systems at local and global level. It is informed by a multidisciplinary approach, bridging the gap between the natural sciences, social sciences, and a variety of fields across the humanities. The course nurtures the skills of future practitioners in the fields of culture, education, arts, science, and policy making, to make them capable of envisioning together a sustainable and just future for the biosphere, inclusive of humans and more-than-human entities.
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What the students say

“Before coming to Venice for study abroad I had no idea what to expect. At the end of it, what I can say, is that it was truly the most rewarding and enriching experience I have ever had" - Jess U.

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