Creative Computing

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University of Europe, Berlin

The Creative Computing Master's is a graduate course that focuses on the significance of data and coding in digital design and computational art. The program places an emphasis on a research based and critique driven understanding and integration of data technologies. Students will assess their utility in mediating human experiences in digital ecosystems and creative processes that drive socially meaningful outcomes that address pressing issues. The program is a practice-led course that covers data visualization and generative design and how the two synergistically operate in commercial applications such as data driven interface design, information dashboards, and their role in DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service)and SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms. In addition to the commercial realm, creative technology skills provide a world of opportunity for students to develop their own computation driven design and art practices. This master's program develops hard skills like data processing and analysis, code and object based interactive design. Critical and speculative design approaches will be covered to boost the student's confidence to develop incisive and future forward applications. Project oriented modules will allow students to develop data driven creative outcomes in response to speculative and real-world briefs. Theory oriented modules will focus on relationship between technology and culture to provide an understand of the social needs that drive technological innovation and, crucially, an understanding of how technology can be leveraged for social good to solve pressing societal issues.
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What the students say

"At the University of Europe for Applied Sciences we have always made the practical reference and worked on real cases" - Eva L.

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