Commercial Modern Music and Songwriting

What you can expect

BIMM University, Berlin

If you're a musician who wants to gain a degree-level qualification, but also fulfil your creative and commercial potential, then BA (Hons) Commercial Modern Music is the right choice to help turn your passion for music into a career. This four-year programme aims to develop your performance skills at the same time as progressing your career goals, using a deadline-driven project management approach. At BIMM Dublin, we understand that live performance is the key to you becoming a great musician, so you'll spend a lot of time on stage to help you develop and find your niche as a performer. You'll also further hone your skills by receiving tuition in techniques, music theory and styles across a wide range of genres from pop, punk, folk and funk. The degree is both academically and musically challenging, providing the perfect balance between practical and technical skills and theory and analysis. BIMM Songwriting student performing live You'll be part of a creative community of gifted writers, performers, critical thinkers and music industry professionals who you can collaborate and network with to help bring your talent to life. Through a range of optional modules, including Performance in Context, Studio Musicianship, Digital Marketing in The Music Business, Studio Recording, Commercial Songwriting, Music Business Studies and Music Teaching Practice, you can tailor the degree to fit your own personal goals. Life at BIMM will stretch you as a musician and performer. It will also inspire you as a fan, as you attend unique Masterclasses with some of the best players and musicians in the world. You'll also have the opportunity to audition for the BIMM Album and termly BIMM gigs. Your course will culminate in either a Professional Project utilising academic research skills or Analytical Perspectives dissertation designed to investigate music through key concepts and theories associated with cultural studies. This will give you a head start into the workplace and enhance an appreciation and understanding of your cultural and social environment.
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What the students say

“I personally love the resources we have to create new things and the amazing, supportive community. Having such a close network in BIMM University motivates everyone to work together.” - Unison

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