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Colorado Mesa University

Chemistry students gain a unique perspective on the composition, properties, and reactivity of the substances surrounding them. These students gain problem-solving skills that can be applied in chemistry labs, in other classes, and in day-to-day life. By having chemistry faculty with a diverse range of specialties (analytical, inorganic, physical, organic, and biochemistry), chemistry majors have the opportunity to learn about each of these fields, and they are provided with a wide variety of research opportunities. Students are trained to independently use modern instrumentation, including a 300 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer liquid chromatograph, a mass spectrometer, and an ICP atomic emission spectrophotometer. The programs culminate in two courses designed to bridge students' coursework with their entry into the workforce or graduate school. In Advanced Laboratory, students synthesize knowledge from various chemical disciplines and apply it to solving chemical problems in a practical manner. Our Communicating in the World of Chemistry course couples with our Advanced Laboratory course to help students express themselves in a professional manner while applying for and entering their new positions.
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"People care about you here. I'm just thankful for the opportunity to get to come here and experience this" - Hunter D.

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