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What is Study Abroad?

A semester exchange is a golden ticket to global education. It allows you to study at a partner university for one academic term, usually ranging from 4 to 6 months. In 2019, over 340,000 U.S. students took part in study abroad programs, and the numbers are growing globally.

Why Take a Semester Exchange Abroad?

Imagine learning marine biology in Australia or studying Renaissance art in Italy. A semester abroad offers unparalleled educational experiences and boosts your soft skills. According to a study by the Institute of International Education, 76% of study-abroad alumni felt the experience helped them build valuable job skills.

Should You Take a Semester Abroad?

If you're looking to break out of your academic routine and gain international exposure, a semester abroad is for you. It's not just about the credits; it's about broadening your horizons. A survey by the British Council found that 64% of employers value international experience when recruiting.

Is a Semester Abroad Good for the CV?

Absolutely. A report by QS found that 80% of employers actively seek graduates who have international experience. Your semester abroad can be a talking point during interviews and may give you an edge in a competitive job market.

How Many ECTS is a Semester Abroad?

Typically, a semester abroad will earn you around 30 ECTS credits. However, this can vary. For example, a semester at a specific University might offer up to 35 ECTS depending on the courses you select. You can also study more ECTS than necessary, if for example you are catching up on a course from the previous semester.

How Much Time is a Semester Exchange?

A semester exchange usually lasts between 4 to 6 months. However, this can vary. For instance, semesters in Australia run from February to June and July to November. A Uniclub advisor can provide tailored advice to align with your academic goals so you don't miss any exams or vacations.

Where is it Popular to Take a Semester Exchange?

Australia, the USA, and Canada are hotspots for semester exchanges, especially for English-speaking students. In 2019, Australia alone welcomed over 700,000 international students, many of whom were semester exchange students. Uniclub is currently working hard on expanding it's portfolio to new, exotic destinations such as Fiji.

Is it Easy to Take a Semester Exchange Abroad?

While it may seem daunting, Uniclub has streamlined the process. Our dashboard guides you through each step, from visa applications to course selection, and offers video tutorials. Plus, a personal advisor is just a click away to answer any questions.

What is the Difference Between Freemover and Exchange?

Freemovers often have more flexibility in course selection, as they are not bound by pre-existing agreements between universities. This can be particularly beneficial for students in specialized or interdisciplinary fields.

Exchange Students, while benefiting from streamlined processes, may have limited course options, as the courses are often pre-determined by the academic agreement between the home and host universities.

Can I Get a Loan to Study Abroad?

Yes, financial aid is available. Students from Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Sweden can enjoy national scholarships that can cover up to 100% of tuition fees. Uniclub assists you in navigating these options, and additional scholarships are also available. You can use Uniclub's University finder to match Universities to your stipend and budget.

Study abroad and Student Exchange worldwide.

Uniclub's portfolio of Universities allows you to truly take benefit of semester abroad and full degrees to your requirements.

  • Tailor your Study Abroad and Exchange for as many semesters as you like
  • Study Abroad as a freemover gives you more flexibility than Erasmus
  • Receive National Scholarship to pay tuition fees to one of our 90+ Partners
  • Enjoy the largest choice of Destinations for Study Abroad Exchange Semesters
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First, choose a destination

That's probably the hardest part. Are you looking for something specific, within your budget or a prestigious university that suits your field of interest? It's your choice.

Next, apply and upload your documents

You'll find the apply button on each university page. Once you have applied, you will receive the link to your application portal by mail. In there, you will be able to manage your application and communicate with us.

and... accept the offer!

If you're lucky, there's an offer waiting for you at the University. We'll even make sure you have your insurances are in order and all the nitty gritty details.

Finally, share the ❤️

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