Gap Year Abroad

You just graduated high school. Now what? We know, it can feel very overwhelming. Some of your friends maybe travelled or started studying, but you don’t feel ready and decided to take a Gap Year. Here are your options.

What to do during a Gap Year?

“When i graduated high school, i personally didn’t feel like i knew what i wanted to study. At the age of 18 I wanted to learn living independently and left Denmark to work in Norway during my gap year - In addition to making new friends, it allowed me to travel, ski and earn my own money all while learning a new language.”  Jonathan Leuba, Uniclub Advisor

My trip in Norway

We understand the situation. In some cases it can really catching a feel for what you want to study to see if it’s really something you enjoy through a Gap Year study program. We can help you organise:

  • Study Abroad and Gap Year Programs: Engage in semester-long academic programs at universities across our global network. These experiences range from one to two semesters and are designed to immerse you in international studies and cultural exchange.
  • Summer School: Opt for shorter academic stints with our summer courses. These are perfect for students looking to combine education with leisure, allowing you to earn credits and enjoy a new culture during the summer break.
  • Language Courses: Enhance your language skills with our range of language courses. From beginner to advanced levels, these courses are tailored to improve your proficiency and confidence in a new language.

Why an Academic Gap Year?

  • Personalized Pathways: With Uniclub, your gap year is tailored to your passions and goals. Dive into international studies, volunteer for meaningful causes, or intern with leading organizations across the globe.
  • Worldwide Connections: Benefit from our partnerships with over 90 universities and institutions in more than 30 countries, ensuring your gap year is tailored to your needs.
  • Expert Guidance and Support: From the planning stages to your return, Uniclub offers unparalleled support and advice, making your gap year not just possible but also a period of safe, enriching growth.
  • Commitment to Quality: Safety, quality education, and authentic cultural immersion stand at the forefront of our programs, setting the stage for a gap year that promises not just memories but skills and insights for a lifetime.

A Gap Year Tailored to Your Aspirations Whether it's mastering a new language through immersive learning, contributing to sustainable projects worldwide, or gaining professional experience in your field of interest, a Uniclub Gap Year is your canvas. Paint your journey with the experiences that matter most to you.

Programme Options

Diverse Pathways for a Fulfilling Gap Year

Uniclub's Gap Year Programmes are designed to cater to a wide range of interests and goals. Choose from academic enrichment, professional development, or cultural immersion experiences—or combine them for a comprehensive gap year journey.

Study Abroad: Academic Courses and University Preparation

Dive into academic excellence with our Study Abroad programmes, offering courses across disciplines in some of the world's leading universities. Prepare for your future studies with tailored university preparation courses, enhancing your academic skills and giving you a competitive edge for your university applications.

Volunteer Opportunities: Making a Difference While Gaining New Perspectives

Contribute to meaningful projects around the world with our Volunteer Opportunities. Whether it's environmental conservation in Costa Rica or community development in Nepal, volunteering lets you make a tangible difference while gaining insights into global challenges and community resilience.

Internships Abroad: Work Experience in an International Setting

Gain valuable professional experience and develop your career skills with Internships Abroad. Tailored to your career aspirations, these internships place you in companies and organizations worldwide, offering unparalleled exposure to international work environments and practices.

Language Schools: Intensive Language Learning and Cultural Immersion

Master a new language or refine your language skills at one of our accredited Language Schools. Immersive language programs combine intensive instruction with cultural experiences, enabling you to communicate fluently and connect deeply with the local culture.

Discover Your Perfect Gap Year Destination

Embark on a gap year that aligns perfectly with your aspirations and interests. Uniclub offers tailored experiences in some of the most sought-after destinations around the globe, including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain, among our extensive network of over 30 countries.

Gap Year in the USA: Experience the diverse culture and innovative spirit of the United States. Whether you're drawn to the bustling streets of New York City, the tech-savvy San Francisco Bay Area, or the academic excellence of Boston's universities, the USA offers a dynamic backdrop for personal and educational growth.

Gap Year in Australia: Australia's unique blend of natural wonders and vibrant city life makes it a fantastic destination for those looking to combine adventure with learning. From the academic prowess of institutions like Southern Cross University on the Gold Coast to environmental conservation projects in the Outback, Australia promises a gap year filled with discovery.

Gap Year in New Zealand: Known for its stunning landscapes and friendly communities, New Zealand offers a peaceful yet adventurous gap year option. Engage in environmental science programs, adventure tourism studies, or Maori cultural immersion in cities like Wellington and Auckland, where education meets natural beauty.

Gap Year in Spain: Immerse yourself in the rich history, language, and culture of Spain. Perfect your Spanish in cosmopolitan Barcelona or historic Sevilla, engage in art history studies, or volunteer with local communities. Spain's warm climate and welcoming culture provide an ideal setting for a transformative gap year experience.

At Uniclub, we understand the importance of finding a gap year destination that feels right for you. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate your options, ensuring your gap year not only broadens your horizons but also contributes significantly to your personal and academic development. With programs in over 30 countries, the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow is limitless.

Why an academic Gap Year can be a good idea:

  • Cultural Immersion Like No Other: Delve deep into a new culture, beyond the reach of any tourist. Living in a foreign country offers unparalleled insight into its traditions, customs, and way of life, enriching your world view.
  • Academic Flexibility and Discovery: The opportunity to select from a wide array of courses lets you explore diverse interests, guiding you toward your passion and providing clarity for your future academic and career choices.
  • Language Mastery through Immersion: Engage daily in a new language environment. This practical application sharpens your skills, offering both personal enrichment and a competitive edge in the global job market.
  • Forge an International Network: Connect with students and professionals from across the globe. These connections can become pivotal in your personal development and future career, offering support and opportunities worldwide.
  • Independence and Personal Growth: Stepping out of your comfort zone and navigating life in a new country cultivates independence, resilience, and self-discovery, preparing you for whatever comes next.
  • Memories That Last a Lifetime: From local festivals to spontaneous road trips, the experiences you’ll gather during your gap year are irreplaceable, adding depth to your personal story.
  • Global Friendships: The friends you make while studying abroad are more than just social contacts; they become your overseas family, your home away from home.
  • A Resume That Stands Out: The skills, experiences, and knowledge gained from studying abroad are highly attractive to employers, showcasing your adaptability and global perspective.
  • Preparation for your University degree: Whether it’s enhancing your application for further education or setting the stage for a global career, a gap year abroad at a University provides a solid foundation that benefit your application.
Studying during a gap year can be a relieving way to start an academic journey

Financing a Gap Year

Studying abroad comes with costs for tuition, accommodation, meals, and possibly visas and travel. While Uniclub provides free assistance, you can plan your budget using our template. Scholarships are available for financial support, but government grants, international scholarships, and student loans aren't applicable as they are if you are taking a study abroad semester as a student. Working during your stay abroad is therefore recommended!

Embrace the Adventure: Exploring Non-Academic Gap Year Opportunities

Your gap year is a canvas, waiting for you to paint it with experiences that extend beyond the academic world. From gaining international work experience to embarking on soul-stirring adventures, every moment is a step towards discovering who you are and who you want to become. Whether it's "Study Abroad," diving into the work culture of another country, or "During your Gap Year," taking the road less traveled, the experiences you collect will be invaluable. Here’s how you can make the most of your gap year with opportunities that promise growth, adventure, and self-discovery.

Working Gap Year

During your Gap Year, consider securing a job abroad to gain international work experience, highly valued by employers worldwide. This experience not only enriches your resume but also enhances your global perspective, making you a competitive candidate in the future job market.

Volunteering Gap year

Volunteering in countries like Nepal, South Africa, or Costa Rica offers the chance to contribute meaningfully to global communities. "During your Gap Year," immerse yourself in new cultures while making a tangible difference, an experience that enriches both you and those you help.

Backpacking Gap year

Backpacking through Europe, Southeast Asia, or South America is an epic way to spend your "Gap Year in" various countries. This adventure is about freedom, discovery, and the kind of learning that only comes from experiencing the world firsthand.

Ski Guide Gap Year

Become a ski guide in popular destinations like the Alps, Canada, or Japan. This unique opportunity combines passion and work, allowing you to spend "During your Gap Year" in some of the world's most stunning winter landscapes.

Driving License Gap year

For many high school graduates, the gap year—often starting at the age of 18 or 19—is the perfect time to acquire a driving license. This milestone is not just about mobility but also about embracing independence and responsibility.

Elite Level Sports Gap Year

If you're aiming to reach the elite levels in sports, your gap year offers a prime opportunity to focus intensively on your athletic development. This period can be pivotal for those dedicated to making significant strides in their sports careers.  

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Sig farvel til besværet med traditionelle breve, frimærker og fysiske underskrifter. Vi har gjort det nemt at blive udvekslingsstudent. Du får tildelt en personlig study abroad vejleder, som hjælper dig med at vælge universitet, finde meritoverførende fag, legater og at sikre at du får optagelse på din udvekslingsplads i udlandet
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