Study Abroad and Exchange for Technical University of Denmark (DTU) students

As a student from Technical University of Denmark (DTU), you have a unique opportunity to go on exchange, stay abroad and semester abroads through the university's own agreements. But what if you could broaden your horizons even further as a freemover? With Uniclub, you can study abroad on your own terms.
Studying abroad as a student from DTU can seem overwhelming. That's why we're here to help you through the study abroad jungle.

Applying for an Exchange Spot via Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

As a student at DTU, you have the chance to go on exchange as part of a semester abroad. Its essential to apply well in advance and research which universities your faculty at collaborates with. This involves selecting a host university, and preferably several, as there are limited spots available through exchange agreements.
You also have the option to pursue a study abroad program as a freemover. Or even better, apply both for an exchange spot and as a freemover, ensuring you a acceptance letter. You might wonder, what if you end up with multiple acceptance letters? Then you have the luxury of choice.

Not sure what a freemover is and how Uniclub can assist you in applying as one? Dont worry; we've summarized it below.

Benefits of Studying Abroad on Exchange with Uniclub:

Greater Flexibility: As a freemover, youre not restricted to DTU's partner universities. Explore a wider range of universities and courses that align with your interests and field of study. Also, enjoy a much more flexible application deadline.

Personal Guidance: Our advisors guide you through the entire process, from university selection to course pre-approval, application, financing, and preparation.

Financial Support: Even though you finance the tuition fee as a freemover, Uniclub assists in applying for the udlandsstipendium, SU, and prepares you to apply for grants.

Cultural Immersion: Experience student life as a full-time international student, delve deeper into local cultures and traditions, while enhancing your resume.

Guaranteed Admission: Fancy the idea of securing a spot abroad, possibly with a group of friends or a partner? Then the freemover option is tailor-made for you.

Study Abroad via DTU

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Understanding Freemover and Exchange Programs

At Uniclub, we recognize that the terminology surrounding study abroad can sometimes be confusing. Let's break it down:

  • Exchange Programs: These are opportunities offered through DTU's partnerships with specific universities around the world. When you participate in an exchange program, you'll typically attend one of DTU's partner institutions for a semester or academic year. DTU will have agreements in place to facilitate your academic journey, ensuring a smooth transition and credit transfer.
  • Freemover Programs: This option provides you with the freedom to choose a university of your liking, even if DTU doesn't have a direct partnership with that institution. As a freemover, you take charge of your study abroad experience by independently applying to universities that align with your goals and interests. While you may have more flexibility in your university selection, you'll also have greater responsibility in navigating the application process and ensuring credit transfer.

Where can I study abroad?

Uniclub collaborates with over 90 universities globally and assists many DTU students every year in realizing their dreams of a stay abroad. Our universities are carefully selected for their academic excellence, strong international communities, and exciting destinations. Many of our partner universities rank among the world's top 100, and we offer spots at universities that DTU doesn't have direct agreements with as well as universities DTU collaborates with. DTU students have particularly enjoyed securing spots at popular destinations such as:

Financing your semester abroad as a Student

Although a stay abroad abroad might seem expensive, there are many financing options. With Uniclub's help, you can find scholarships, grants, and other financing opportunities to make your stay affordable. Below are two different examples of how to finance a study abroad based on how much you receive in the udlandsstipendium. Even though the rates on overseas scholarships can vary based on what you study, all students are entitled to and to apply for grants from private foundations.

"Before Uniclub, the idea of studying abroad seemed daunting. But their team not only helped me find the perfect program to study in Barclona, but they also guided me through every step of the application and funding process. The experience was transformative, both academically and personally. I'm so grateful to Uniclub for making my dream of studying in Spain a reality." - Emma, Aarhus University Student

Contact us to learn more about your options

Remember, Uniclub's guidance is free. Drop us an email at or call 78 70 37 50 for personal guidance and answers to your questions.

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How do i get my Semester Abroad courses approved at my home University?

You get your courses abroad pre-approved on the University's intranet / web dashboard. We can guide you step-by-step with a video guide on how to acccess this, on your application Dashboard.

Can i get Stipends to study abroad?

If you are studying at the University you are entitled to Udlandsstipendiet for your studies abroad. You can calculate your rate in our Online Calculator here. The rates can vary greatly, depending on your studies and background, so feel free to get in touch or read about Scholarships in our Blog.

What can i Study Abroad?

Regardless of what you are studying, there are certainly similar courses abroad. If you're unsure where you can study based on your field, your Uniclub advisor will send you the best suggestions. Our most popular destination, Australia has the most courses available. Read more why it is such a popular destination here.

How can i get grants for studies abroad?

You can get grants for your study abroad by convincing foundations and organizations that you have a genuine financing need. You do this by writing about your study abroad and goals in a motivational letter and a budget for the stay, clearly showing the foundations your financing need. There's also an option to purchase a complete grant package from Uniclub, where you get templates, examples, and a tailor-made list of grants you're eligible to apply for based on your background and profile.

Where can i study abroad as a University student?

As a student from your University you are unrestricted - Uniclub collaborates with over 90 universities from 6 continents - Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and South America. This means there's a high likelihood you'll find a country or region you've dreamt of living in for a while. You can find your favorite University in our University Finder here.