Study Abroad in Gibraltar

Rising up as an indomitable peak at the gateway between Spain and the African coast, Gibraltar is a unique destination with a life that goes beyond its surface.
When are the Semester Start Dates?
Universities in Gibraltar generally follow the traditional academic year, which is divided into two semesters: September to December and January to May. However, some programs may have different start dates. If you're considering studying in Gibraltar, it's important to plan ahead and check with the relevant university for specific dates. For more information and guidance on studying in Gibraltar, please contact us.
What does it cost to study?
Tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate programs in Gibraltar generally range from 6,000 to 12,000 GBP per year. Living expenses can also vary depending on your individual circumstances and the city in which you choose to study. Although the cost of living is generally higher in Gibraltar compared to other European countries, it is still a more affordable study abroad destination.
What type of Visa and Insurance do i need?
If you're planning to study in Gibraltar, you may need to obtain a student visa and comprehensive health insurance. EU students don't need a visa, but non-EU students will have to apply for one. It's also recommended that you have insurance coverage during your stay in Gibraltar.

What are the Admissions Requirements?
Admissions requirements for studying in Gibraltar vary depending on the institution and program. Generally, you'll need a high school diploma or equivalent and meet the language proficiency requirements. Some programs may require additional tests or exams. Research the specific requirements for your program and contact the admissions office for more information. We can also assist you with the admissions process. Contact us for more information.
Where can i apply for Scholarships?
Scandinavian, German and Dutch students can apply for financial aid in the form of governmental loans and scholarships. If you live outside the mentioned countries, you can always apply for scholarships offered to international students by the university.