Why is it worth studying abroad? ‍

Do you want to study abroad but are not sure if it's worth it? Read our article and learn about 7 reasons why you should study abroad!

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Would you like to experience the adventure of your life and meet people from all over the world? Travel and get the best possible education at the same time? Studying abroad is the ultimative choice to achieve this! We will gladly help you at every stage of the planning of your studies abroad.

Who decides to study abroad?

Studying abroad has become an increasingly popular choice for students worldwide, offering an enriching experience that goes beyond the classroom. Scandinavian students, known for their passion for exploration and cultural diversity, are no exception. Scandinavian countries, which include Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, share a strong cultural emphasis on exploration and adventure. From a young age, students are encouraged to be curious, open-minded, and globally aware. This cultural aspect often fuels the desire to study abroad, as it aligns perfectly with the idea of experiencing new cultures, languages, and perspectives.

How to take to study abroad?

It is common in Europe to use the help of an agency to study abroad. This is due to the fact that it is very easy to miss an important deadline or get lost in the thousands of courses offered or the ubiquitous paperwork. Educational agencies organize everything for a new start in the selected country - starting from completing and filling in all the required documents and visas (if any). needed), by submitting an application for selected studies, preparing the student for travel, and providing insurance. Most often, agencies also help you pass the recruitment without taking an English exam - they will interview you or, if necessary, help you find alternatives to official tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.

In addition, agencies will advise you which university to choose or they will propose more interesting, or even exotic directions departure, where you will find universities at the same high level as those in Europe.

Undoubtedly, the advantage of using the help of an agency when recruiting to study abroad is also a greater likelihood of a successful completion of the entire process, as agencies verify the submitted documents, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the application process.

Find out 7 reasons why you should study abroad:

1. Experiencing new cultures - once a trip to Australia was for many a road full of barriers, today you can immerse yourself in Australian, Spanish, Malaysian or Costa Rican culture by spending a semester or whole studies there. Students improve their communication skills with locals and other students from different parts of the world. Professors largely have a different approach to conducting classes (they are often much more open than Polish lecturers). In addition, knowledge of different cultures, foreign languages ​​or work culture in another part of the world will definitely change your future professional and private life.  

2.  A combination of science and the adventure of your life - the best way to travel to your dream place on earth is to use the option foreign studies . You don't have to sacrifice your career and self-development for travel and vice versa. You can combine it very effectively and have fun until dawn while enjoying the best years of life.

Also remember about the unique experiences and attractions that await you in every city - no matter which city you choose. A movie show at the cult cinema in Hollywood? Carnival in Spain? How about collecting candies before a Halloween party in the USA? All this is at your fingertips!

3. Student life - well, you don't live by the university alone , true? Imagine how colorful life is on campus and how you can spend your free evenings in the dormitory. Any day of the week can be a weekend! All kinds of games (which will make you feel like in an American movie) are on the agenda, as well as well-known board games and billiards. Universities organize welcome days or whole integration trips that will allow you to meet new colleagues that you don't want to miss. Can you organize a welcome party with your friends for the upcoming weekend? Why not!

However, when you want to relax, you will surely find the perfect outdoor activities for you. Will it be surfing in Australia? Jungle tours in San Jose? Or maybe ice skating in Canada? Everyone will find something for themselves!

4. Self-discovery - When going to study abroad you will certainly learn to be independent and discover what life away from home is like. Maybe you will discover yourself in a new hobby or style of music? You will also meet many new and fascinating people who can teach you to notice something you haven't seen before. Even local cuisine can change your current beliefs or tastes! Well, who wouldn't love tropical fruit picked from a tree or fresh seafood?!

5.  Making new friends - it is very easy to make friends with other students abroad. This is because you are all in the same situation. You don't even know when you start making new relationships, which very often turn out to be lifelong friendships. Remember that there will always be someone by your side who will go with you on a trip to the store (even without knowing the local language) or go with you to the university canteen. It is worth adding that the locals are always delighted to tell you something about their city or teach you their language. This is how the best friendships are made!

6. Uniqueness in the labor market - In today's times, the labor market is very specific and, to be honest, not easy. When studying abroad, you have a better chance of  getting your dream job. Employers will surely notice that you have experienced more than your colleagues studying at home. Studying abroad proves your courage, perseverance, openness and communication skills. Be sure that such a foreign adventure will make you a better and more confident version of yourself.

7.  Overcoming fear  - Do you know the saying "If you are afraid of something, this is exactly what you should do to get rid of fear"? If not, let yourself be convinced and believe that there is no better way to get rid of your fear than to put yourself at the center of it. If you want to study abroad and do something great in your life, but you are still afraid and wondering if you will find yourself in a new place - don't think! Just do it! Trust it, it works! I know because I checked it on myself!

Is studying abroad something for me?

Can you see yourself when reading this text? Do you want to experience the adventure of your life, gain knowledge, experiences and meet people from every corner of the world? If the answer is YES, then you are likely ready to study abroad!

If you think  "Hmm ... I want to try!", we have great news for you! You don't have to organize everything yourself - we are ready to help you! To get started - book a free online meeting. Remember that you have nothing to lose… well, except for maybe the best adventure of your life! 🚀

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