The Danish study abroad loan

The Study Abroad Loan allows you to borrow an amount that matches the difference between the amount you qualify for and the study abroad fee.

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The study abroad loan allows you to borrow an amount that corresponds to the difference between the amount you are entitled to from the udlandsstipendium and the tuition fee for the foreign education. However, you can borrow a maximum of a total of 111.222 kroner (2022 rate).

What is the Study Abroad loan?

Is the tuition fee higher than what you received from the udlandsstipendium?

No worries, the Danish government already thought about this possible scenario. Therefore, they created the study abroad loan, which runs on the same terms as the SU loan, which by the way is the cheapest loan available to students in Denmark. The study abroad loan covers the exact deficit between what you received from the udlandsstipendium and your tuition fee abroad. The only requirement is that you are entitled to receive the udlandsstipendium. In addition, the maximum amount that you can borrow is 111.222 DKK.

Study Abroad loan example

Example: The tuition fee at the host university is DKK 40,000, but you only received DKK 33,000 from the udlandsstipendium. You can now borrow DKK 7,000 from the state in the form of the study abroad loan, with the same premisses as the SU loan.

Note: We only recommend borrowing money if you are unable to finance the difference at this time. Read our blog about the repayment rules for the SU and study abroad loan right here.

What are the requirements to apply for the study abroad loan?

The exact same as for the udlandsstipendium.

• You have to be SU-eligible and have at least 1 SU clip for the semester abroad.

• Your study stay must be pre-approved and credit-bearing.

• You must have received the acceptance letter from the university where the tuition fee has to be paid.

• For a full masters degree, you must have SU clips for the full degree.

• Note: The same requirements as for applying for the udlandsstipendium. You can still apply for the ordinary monthly SU loan in addition to the study abroad loan during your studies abroad.

Everything is handled in minSU where you apply and accept you loan plan. You can get started on the official SU website.

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