The best study abroad destinations

All study destinations tempt and entice with their own strengths. Here we present unique study destinations that lend themselves to extraordinary experiences.

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Have you always dreamed of a completely unique study experience abroad, which not many can boast of?

All study destinations tempt and entice with their strengths. From vibrant metropolitan environment, picturesque nature and different people, yes, everyone has something very special. Here we present unique study destinations that lend themselves to extraordinary experiences and memories.

Top 5 study abroad destinations


USA is just a cool destination that many no doubt dream of. This is where almost every movie we have seen from childhood to now is made. Movies that show us sides of the United States that make us wildly curious to feel and experience on our own what it is like to live there. Yes, we have almost learned about the culture of the United States by watching thousands of movies and series that, although fictional, can to some extent be reflected in real life.

The United States is many things. It offers as many as 50 states, each with their own culture and unique characteristics. That means there is something for everyone in this great united nation. Do you want vibrant big city, relaxed island and beach life, country and the wild west vibes, a quiet and undisturbed suburb culture or a combination of two or more, well then you need to turn your nose towards the USA. As a study abroad student, you can experience the many sides of the United States and even feel on the skin what it is like to live in the world that you have only seen on a screen or experienced with the tourist hat on.

South Korea

South Korea is one of the most well-developed countries in Asia. With South Korea's growing film and music industry, they are slowly taking over the world. The world has opened its eyes to South Korea's talented talents, people and what the country has to offer. Once again because we have experienced the culture through movies and series. South Korea is known for its tech giants such as Samsung, major car manufacturers, the 12-step skin care routine and innovative skin care products, and not least K-pop and K-movies and dramas.

Korea is a beautiful combination of heritage and present with ancient temple villages and skyscrapers gathered in a dynamic area. More and more people around the world are coming to the country and especially Seoul to work and experience a Korean everyday life. You will therefore not feel like an outsider in the country, although it may be difficult to feel comfortable in the beginning.People may be a little reluctant at first, but once you have created a friendship, then so it is a friendship for life. And with the extensive drinking culture in South Korea, where people enjoy Suju for hours, beer, Korean barbecue and colleagues or fellow students at the table, it is not far from the well-known pre-parties back home in the EU.



Turkey is probably mostly seen as a tourist destination rather than a study destination, but that needs to be changed. In fact, Turkey has invested a lot of money in the education system and has raised both the quality and quantity of the country's educations. The country is a unique combination of both east which is Asia and west which is Europe and is the perfect multicultural experience. And you can easily commit to English in Turkey as the younger part of the population  understands the language. In Turkey, you can  live like the king/queen that you are, even on the smallest budget. It is not only the tuition fees that are low but the cost of living is also low in Turkey and it is very affordable to eat out.

Turkey houses amazing chefs and the food is absolutely fantastic. The people are very accommodating and are in love with ‘infatuation’, yes even so much so that almost all Turkish songs are about love for both good and evil. In Turkey, people also love to have a nice chat and it does not matter if you have just met each other in the queue for the same street food or have known each other for a while. They talk openly about their feelings and the warmth can be felt throughout the body when people open their hearts to one. Truly a destination that you shouldn't miss.



If nature and rich wildlife tempt you, go to Australia or New Zealand. Australia is well known for its beautiful wildlife and relaxing beach culture. There are many places in Australia outside the cities that have low cost of living and that makes them extremely budget friendly. In addition, you will always find a perfect combination of big city and beach life on Australia's coasts such as Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

Here there is room for you as a student to enjoy both the big city and the beach in your free time and get to know the nicest and most laid-back people on earth, who are always ready to experience nature and do outdoor activities with you.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet you can find - if not the most beautiful. Just ask the film crew behind The Lord of the Rings, Wolverine and Game of Thrones. The landscape is so adventurously beautiful that it takes credit for the beautiful backdrops in some of the most epic fantasy films and series in world history. The people are also relaxing by nature and the pure outdoors people just like the neighbors in Australia.

They take things as they come, for they firmly believe that everything will probably go in the end. Kiwis, as they are also called, have an absolutely fantastic sense of humor and are extremely accommodating so you can be sure to feel welcome from day 1.

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