The art of transferable skills

When faced with the choice of studies, many people only think about the next 3 or 5 years, thus closing their development opportunities.

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When faced with the choice of studies, many people only think about the next 3 or 5 years, thus closing their development opportunities. It is worth following the labor market to know what recruiters expect. Having transferable skills, a potential candidate will be like amber among grains of sand - not only will nobody come next to him indifferently, but also everyone will want him! If you already dream of a dream job, be sure to read this article.

Taking care of your competitiveness on the labor market has become extremely important today. The dream employee must present not only his knowledge and experience, but also appropriate competences.

It is becoming more and more important to have the skills that allow for professional development in different companies, in different professional roles and at different stages of the career. The emphasis is on competences that can be "taken with you" from one job to another.

Transferable skills are universal, extremely valuable competences. They will not be replaced by machines, nor will they expire, so it is worth getting them.

These are for example:

⏰ work organization
🧠 analytical
🔖 problem solving
📋 strategic planning
👥 team work
👄 communication
🎨 creativity
💼 business awareness
💡 goal and customer orientation
💣 commitment
🧩 flexibility
🧸 empathy
💎 willingness to constantly acquire new knowledge

All these competences can be transferred to another industry. The attractiveness of these skills is already extremely high now, but it will keep growing. People who have organizational skills will find a job in any position where project or team management is required. Some of these competences - such as openness to new tasks or flexibility - become a "scarce commodity" in difficult situations, such as during a pandemic, when each company has to face new challenges.

The constant advancement of technology affects the automation of many spheres of our lives. As many as 60% of the representatives of the younger generation will perform jobs that do not exist yet!

So what is the best way to prepare for your future job?

It is worth considering your skills - how versatile they are and how they allow you to transfer from one industry to another. Competences should be treated as new opportunities, individual predispositions to development. Thanks to this, you will certainly strengthen your CV.

How to get transferable skills?

Take part in the activities of student research clubs, go to another country for a semester exchange, start studies abroad, join the self-government or student organization at your university, get involved in volunteering in line with your passion. Let activity become your everyday life! Thanks to this, each day you will acquire new skills and learn to use them properly, e.g. combine several of them to perform new tasks even more effectively.

Why are transferable skills useful?

Education and work experience supplemented by a range of soft skills is a great combination. If you are aware of your own skills and you will know what competences you need in the industry you are trying to join, you are able to get a job in which you theoretically do not have too much industry experience. The undoubted advantage of transferable skills is that they can be acquired throughout life and actively used in each subsequent employment.

Transferable skills prove that science knows no school limits, and lifelong learning is another way to adapt to the labor market. Therefore, today think about what transferable skills you can boast about, and what are still worth getting.
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