February 27, 2024

Survival Guide: Online lessons

Survival Guide: Online lessons
Deni Isic

We're still under the corona restrictions that make it impossible for us to physically show up on campus as usual. Your home has become your temporary campus and while it may be nice not to have to fight the snooze craving and brave the morning rush to get to school, online schooling has its challenges. ⛰️

Fortunately, we'll give you some tips on how to survive and overcome your online schooling, so just read on.

Up your equipment 💯

Equipment and apps such as mobile webcam, tripod and ringlight, microphone, headset and stable internet provide a better flow in your teaching with few technical errors and distractions. At the same time, you show seriousness towards your teachers and fellow students.

Use your smartphone as a webcam 🎬

When you use the webcam on your computer, the image may be a bit grainy and not very nice to look at. Your flexibility is also limited. The solution is a webcam app that you can easily download on your computer and smartphone. This way, you get the best resolution and complete freedom across your computer screen, so you do not have to worry about unflattering angles. An external webcam is connected to your Wi-Fi and it's an advantage when presenting or working with your study group online. Apps we recommend are Camo, or EpocCam, which is the cheaper solution and Iriun which is free.

EpocCam | elgato.com
Eppocam - Phone as webcam

There is a free version of Camo and EpocCam. Should you want more features later, you can buy the full version. With Camo Pro you get i.a. portrait mode, where your surroundings are blurred as well as image adjustment (brightness, color saturation, sharpness, etc.). With EpocCam Pro, you can get manual focus and zoom function by pinching two fingers on the screen and more. They are available on both the App Store and Google Play. So whether you have a combination of an iPhone and a Windows computer or an Android and a Mac computer, you are good-to-go. Combine with a tripod and possibly a ringlight and we promise it will be magical. They are easy to obtain and available in different price ranges.

Make your sound work 🎸

Noise distracts from what is being said in the teaching. If you use the built-in microphone in the computer, all sound sources such as the noise from outside traffic and the upstairs neighbours' footsteps are picked up when you present. The solution to this problem is an external microphone. An external microphone also allows for presenting standing. Also, use headphones to exclude noise from your surroundings so you can focus 100% on your teaching. Finally, it is important that your internet is stable. Without stability, your hard work is wasted.

Create the perfect study environment 🌈

Choose a bright and tidy place to work from home, where you can sit erect. Never work from the sofa or bed. Make sure you have all the tools you need in class on hand and a nice cup of coffee or a glass of water when you have classes online. You can also try to make your workstation look like the environment you work best in when reading or writing assignments. It can be a classroom, library or a café. Build the environment that enables you to work as focused as possible.

In addition, it is important to have habits in your daily life that increase your productivity such as waking up early, getting ready for school as you used to pre-corona and being active in teaching. Oh, and a pro tip that works for us: Getting some fresh air as it increases our ability to concentrate. You can easily weave a short walk (a bit like your trip to school) into your day. Remember to do things in your daily life that make your endorphins fly so you can stay focused, motivated and happy.

Mindset is key 🔑

It can be difficult to find concentration when you have to read aloud and receive instruction from home without the moral support of your fellow students presence, but persevere, you will survive! Create a good study environment for yourself and a routine that gets you in the right mindset. Arrange weekly online meetings with your study group, where you read or solve various assignments together. Your attitude is crucial for you to survive and overcome your online schooling. 🤘🏽

Wishing you the best of luck for your exams! 

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