March 1, 2024

9 steps for a successful semester abroad

9 steps for a successful semester abroad
Deni Isic

During your education you have the opportunity to study a semester abroad

It has been proven time and time again that stays abroad provides important experience both professionally and personally, and employers often emphasize work and study abroad as an important qualification in job applications. The question is how do you realize the coveted study abroad dream? The short answer is, find subjects at a university abroad that are reminiscent of the subjects you would have had at your home institution anyway, get them pre-approved, apply for a study abroad scholarship and SU abroad and book the airline tickets. If you follow the steps below, you will get the complete guide. Best of all? We help you with everything.

1. Find out on which semester you want to study a semester abroad

Your education will often be structured, so it is most appropriate to have a study stay at the time in the education where there are electives. Often, specifically one of your semesters, typically in the second or third year, will be an obvious semester to take a semester abroad on. If your education does not have a specific obvious semester to go on, you would be wise to go on a semester with several electives. It makes your pre-approval process (we'll get to that) much easier.

2. Find out where in the world your dream destination is

Whether you are to the beach, nature, snowboarding, snorkeling, palm trees or the big city, the possibilities through Uniclub are almost endless. Are you a high class enthusiast in Switzerland, enjoying life in Spain or do you want to try your life as a king at SU in Malaysia, then your personal Uniclub supervisor will make sure that you get an application for what best suits your academic and personal wishes.

3. Find study-relevant subjects abroad

Once you have found the university you would like to study at, you must investigate whether the place offers subjects that fit into your education. The most important thing is to ensure you the following:

  • The professional profile in your education
  • Number of ECTS that you must have
  • That the courses are offered in the semester (autumn / spring) that you plan to travel to

This is probably the most important part, as the subjects you take abroad must be approved by your home institution in order for you to receive full credit, the SU abroad and the scholarship abroad to cover the tuition fee abroad. Therefore, we lend a hand in finding the right subjects. We have done it more times than we can remember, so we have pretty good control of it regardless of study area. Just choose a university, let us know what you are studying and which semester you are going on, and we will send you a bid for subjects we think you should be able to get approved.


4. Start your digital application process through Uniclub

Get started with your digital application through Uniclub. It really takes a few minutes to send an application through digitally. The application is free and without obligation, and ensures that the ball rolls with the application from the start. We make sure that you get all the necessary application documents uploaded and that your application is in perfect condition before it is sent to the host university.

6. Pre-approval

Once we have hand-picked the subjects from your dream destination, they must be sent to the international coordinator at your home institution. They make sure to pre-approve the subjects. In simple words, this means that they sign that you get credit for the subjects you have submitted, if you pass them at the host university. A signed pre-approval is actually your ticket to SU abroad and the scholarship abroad, which we come to now.

7. Financing

When the admission letter is in house, it's time for the financing part. The state has arranged highly privileged funding opportunities for students from Denmark who go on study stays abroad. You can apply for a scholarship abroad, which in short is your taximeter money that is transferred directly to your account. It is intended to either partially or completely cover the tuition fee abroad. The study abroad scholarship rate depends on what you study. In addition, you have the opportunity to take your SU abroad, which you can use to cover the cost of living, just like in Denmark.

Do you stand to be paid less in a scholarship abroad than the tuition fee abroad? No worries. The study abroad loan is for you who are in this situation, and the loan is definitely made to cover this difference. We have written a blog about the difference between the study abroad loan and the SU loan which you can read here. You can easily still make use of the ordinary SU loan while you are away.

What you will forever be strongly advised on top of the state's funding opportunities is to apply for scholarships , and start well in advance. You can get inspiration from our scholarship templates which consist of an example of a scholarship application and a budget, which in most cases you would need to attach to a scholarship application.


8. All the practicalities

It can seem like a jungle to find your way around the practicalities such as visas, housing, insurance, etc. However, your personal study abroad supervisor will be available to help you get a handle on all of this. The most important thing, however, is to first get the subjects pre-approved. After all, it's free and without obligation. Then your personal advisor will remind you of the practicalities when the timing is right.

9. When you are home from your stay

The most important thing after your study stay abroad is to send the proof of the passed subjects abroad to the right coordinator at your home university. They will then make sure that you are assigned the right credit transfer.

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