March 1, 2024

Study Abroad in Natural Surroundings

Study Abroad in Natural Surroundings
Deni Isic

Are you tired of heavy books and long study evenings in front of the computer? Here's a good tip from us - put on your hiking boots, pack your bikini (or your speedos) and embark on an experience of a lifetime! Because, no matter where you choose to study, there is (almost) a guarantee of a good natural experience. Here are our 5 suggestions on destinations that will no doubt give you a lot of memories to take home in your backpack. And not least some super nice Instagram-worthy photos that will reap a lot of likes from near and far.

1) Experience one of the world's most beautiful coral reefs - Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's largest coral reefs, located along the coast of Queensland, Australia. This is less than 90 minutes from the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba and is also close to the Gold Coast University, which is located right down to the water's edge. If you have a weekend off from school, you should without a doubt go on a tropical adventure with some diving equipment in your luggage. Queenland has a wide range of secret islands where you can enjoy the waves on chalk-white sandy beaches between palm trees, colourful birds and large sea turtles. These islands are far away from tourists and where you get really close to the real Australian countryside. You can visit Heron Island, which is one of the southernmost coral islands.

The small island is just 1 km long, where you can swim directly into beautiful corals with amazing fish. No big city noise and traffic noise - just you and nature. Another delicious coral gem is the island, Lady Elliot Island. Home to more than 1,200 sea species, such as devil rays, dolphins, whales and endless turtles. One of the absolute best places to snorkel in the entire Great Barrier Reef. A highly recommended place that will not just be forgotten. If you get tired of watching beautiful fish underwater (but who does?), There is also plenty of opportunity to surf or sunbathe on the unique Australian sandy beaches.

Coral reefs
Coral reefs

2) Hot spring, whales and incredible mountains - Canada

Vancouver University is located in a city that is a pure mecca for nature lovers. The city, which offers lush beautiful forests, snow-capped mountains and breathtaking rivers. An incredibly beautiful natural gem right out towards the Pacific Ocean. There are a sea of ​​excursion options near Vancouver. An obvious option could be to go on a whale safari and experience the sea giants up close - maybe you're even lucky enough to experience the world's largest mammal - the almighty killer whale. If you are a student at Nipissing University, there are a lot of hours that can be spent with beautiful natural experiences. You can, for example, fish in the well-known Lake Nipissing or you can ski / snowboard in the beautiful mountains. Just an hour's drive away, you can experience the unique Niagara Falls, where you can get really close by jet boat trips - and if you're even more courageous, you can get on a 670 meter long zipline ride across the rushing waterfalls. Would you?

3) Get up in the heights of Japan's largest mountain - Japan

Yamanashi Gakuin University is located in the city of Kofu, which is next door to the incredibly beautiful (and large) Mount Fuji, which is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountain is a full three kilometers tall, so unless you are an experienced mountaineer, it can be quite a mouthful of a challenge. But you can benefit from visiting many of the mountain's beautiful areas. Fuji is located in Japan's beautiful nature park, Hakone which is packed with hot springs, beautiful golf courses and breathtaking lakes. At Fuji's 1000-meter height you will find five beautiful lakes Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Yamanakako, Shojiko and Motosuko. A good piece of advice is to spend the night at a Japanese guest house (called a ryokan) where you get up close and personal with Japanese culture and cooking. In addition to the beautiful mountains, lakes and the many hiking trails, Yamanashi is also known for its many orchards and vineyards. If you are a true wine lover, this city is the obvious choice for you.

4) Huge National Parks - USA

A trip to the USA is probably something that most people have on their bucket list - and with good reason. The country that has much more than fast food, tall skyscrapers and casino halls to offer. Yosemite is located close to our Colleges of Contra Costa in San Francisco, just a three-hour drive from here. One of America's most famous and visited national parks, which is especially well known for its beautiful landscape with huge cliffs and beautiful waterfalls. If you have chosen our university in Camarillo, it is obvious to take a weekend trip to the infamous Grand Canyon. Maybe a nice roadtrip with your new student friends? The Grand Canyon should and must be experienced with its gigantic and spectacular wildlife.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

5) Europe's paradise for nature lovers - Switzerland

But hey, what about our own continent? Does it not also have something to offer? Yes and would you believe it! Just take a country like Switzerland, which, despite its humble size, has an incredible amount to offer. There are two universities that we offer in Switzerland - EU Business School in Montreux and Webster University Geneva. Two magnificent universities, which are surrounded by Swiss Alps and crystal clear lakes, where you have the opportunity to go on adventures. You can go skiing, snowboarding or glacier hiking. Or maybe you are more into mountain biking or climbing? The possibilities are many. The country consists of 60% mountains and has over 600 wonderful lakes. The nature in Switzerland is absolutely magnificent and it is a must to pack your hiking boots if you choose a university in this beautiful country. I almost forgot to mention the opportunity to go paragliding, bobsledding... i could go on. Just promise us that you won't go home without having tried the chocolate.

In the end, there is only to wish really good fun!

If you are a true nature lover, these five aforementioned destinations are definitely worth choosing as your new place of study! Other recommended destinations include the University of the South Pacific, Fiji with its crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. In addition, there are the three universities that we offer New Zealand, which are truly a must for nature lovers.

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