February 27, 2024

6 reasons to study abroad

6 reasons to study abroad
Deni Isic

Are you in doubt whether you should study a semester abroad? 🎓
Here you get 6 reasons for Study Abroad, which makes you want to pack your suitcase right away and wave goodbye!

1) It has never been easier to finance your studies abroad 💸

Today you have more opportunities to finance your dream study abroad than ever before. As a Study Abroad student, you have the opportunity to:

🇩🇰 (Danish Students Only) Take your SU (living alone rate) and "Udlandsstipendiet" with you. In addition, you can apply for a SU loan if you want extra on hand for, for example, exploratory weekend trips, necessary shopping trips and café visits and other experiences

💫  Apply to Governmental funds to study abroad  

✨ Apply for scholarships from private companies and foundations. The greater your effort, the more money you can take with you on your study abroad stay. If you have a nice question, we will be happy to send you a scholarship list that is relevant to you and a template for the good scholarship application.

2) Quality education as you know it here at home with a dispute 🏫

Your study stay abroad is just as valid as it is back in your home University. You obtain the same ECTS points as your classmates. But your schooling will be different in the best-imaginable way.

Teachers and schoolmates come from all over the world and the study culture will therefore be different. Your approach to tasks is challenged, but you learn to adapt and solve the problems that arise. Good adaptability and problem-solving skills are typically something companies value most in candidates when recruiting.

3) Get Closer to an International Career 🌐

If you have high ambitions to work abroad once you graduate, then During your study abroad stay, you must seize the opportunity and connect with relevant people. Explore the possibilities at your particular destination and create an international network.

Talk to your teachers and show commitment, then they will probably link you up with the right people. Or maybe your future classmate knows someone who knows someone. Take advantage of the resources that are for there for you. Then you are well on your way.

4) New friendships and first love 🌹

We have long since passed the time Romance, but we still want to romanticise your upcoming study abroad. A study stay is quite romantic. Just think of all the experiences that await you and what people you will meet. Some you want to have more in common with than others and all of a sudden you are friends for life.

You may not expect to fall in love with the food, the culture and the people ahead of time, but that might just happen. As a student, you will fall in love in a completely different way. You will live as one of the locals, but with a different perspective. Fall in love with the crooked tree you pass on the way to school, the local grocery store that always has what you are missing  or a cultural custom you wish to incorporate in your daily life. Romantic, right?

5) Become a culture-king and language-Wiz 🎯

During your study stay you will immerse yourself in the culture and language. You learn to understand culture and teach others about Danish culture. It makes you better equipped to be able to understand other cultures in the future with an openness that you did not have before.

In addition, you have an extraordinary opportunity to develop your language skills. During your study abroad, you will practice your English in school, when you are with friends and when you explore the local area. As a bonus, you can also learn Spanish if you study in Spain or Costa Rica, for example.

6) The art of finding oneself 🎨

When you choose to go out into the world alone and meet the unknown, you have already change and evolve as a person. They are proof of your independence, your courage, your adventurousness and openness. The fact that you are leaving your country. alone in itself, proves a great deal. Throughout your stay, you will change and evolve into a person that make you a more knowledgeable and balanced than before you left.

Recap: Unforgettable experiences, self-realization and friends for life 🥇

A study abroad stay abroad is not just about getting a strong professional profile, that makes you more attractive in the job market. It's also about the people you want to meet and the imprints they leave on you, the adventures you want to experience solo and with your new friends plus vision-changing homework for life. It is worth every penny.

Whether we have managed to persuade you or not, book an e-meeting with us. Want to hear about your options or the many other reasons to leave? You decide what we are going to talk about and it is of course free and without obligation. New challenges and surprises await you out there. 🤙🏼

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