March 5, 2023

Scholarship: Study Abroad Scholarship - Uniclub

Scholarship: Study Abroad Scholarship - Uniclub
Deni Isic

Uniclub is proud to announce its scholarship of DKK 10,000 for students who share the good experiences of studying abroad. The scholarship is designed for friends and/or fellow students who will study abroad together. The Uniclub friendship scholarship is transferred as a 2 x DKK 5,000 transfer to each applicant.

The scholarship is awarded with the aim of helping cover the costs of studying abroad and rewarding students with exceptional determination, diligence and the ability to inspire and share experiences with each other (max 2 joint applicants at a time). 4 grants are awarded per year in a pool of DKK 40,000 with DKK 5,000 each as a regular grant portion.

The scholarship can be used for the following expenses: tuition fees for the study at the host university, living expenses, books and other related costs. The grant cannot be used for the following expenses: personal travel expenses, personal entertainment or other non-study-related costs. The recipient of the scholarship is requested to provide proof of acceptance from the host university and proof of tuition fees or payment of tuition fees including other related expenses.

The recipient is also asked to provide Uniclub with feedback outlining the student's experience during the study abroad semester, which can be posted online to Uniclub's social media as 'Cases'. This is preferred through a short online interview at the end or after the stay abroad.

Uniclub venskabslegatet på legatbogen

Main criterias for being considered a scholarship recipient

1: Must be a full-time student enrolled at an accredited higher educational institution

2: Danish citizen or equal to Danish citizens

3: Must apply via the Uniclub platform

Applications will also be assessed based following criterias

• Must be enrolled in a study abroad program for at least one semester

• Must have received the acceptance letter

• Must have received a signed pre-approval of courses

• Must be able to present some documentation of personal or academic diligence

• Must be able to participate in 1 online interview meeting with Uniclub

• Letters of recommendation are not a requirements but definitely a plus

Uniclub venskabslegat krav

Deadline for applications

The application deadline is 1 June and 1 December each year.

Instructions for the application

To apply for the scholarship, please record a 1-minute video explaining your motivation to study abroad and how the scholarship can support your stay abroad, via email to with the subject line "Uniclub scholarship application". Please remember to attach the documents above.

Only 1 scholarship is awarded per students.

Uniclub is pleased to offer this scholarship to reward  students and help them pursue their dreams. We believe that this opportunity will benefit those selected, and we look forward to receiving your application and wish you success in your studies abroad.

​​Contact information for questions and inquiries: If you have any questions or inquiries about the Uniclub Friendship Scholarship, please contact us at

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