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Would you like to know where in the world you can live comfortably as a student, financially? See at which destinations you can live like a royal.

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Would you like to know where in the world you can live comfortably as a student, financially? There are many destinations around the world where you can get a great deal for your money. This means that your standard of living rises enormously, and you will certainly not miss your everyday life in your home country. See at which destinations you can live like a royal.

Cheap is not always equal to poor quality, as you may know it with Chinese goods. Cheap cost of living at your study abroad destination is really just a huge plus for you as a student. These 'cheap' destinations are very student friendly. As a study abroad student, you will not have as many fixed costs to pay each month as a local as well as a family you have to support. This means you can live like extremely well despite being a student.


We starts out in European territory in Turkey.

Did anyone say Student Sultan? In Turkey you can get a lot for your money and you probably already know that. It is therefore not much of a surprise that Turkey is one of the most popular travel destinations for many young people who want to get to a place where the wallet can cover a lot of great experiences and dining out three times a day.

The cost of living is low in Turkey and you can typically get a meal at a restaurant for less than 3-4 EUR and a 3-course menu for two people for less than 15-20 EUR. This also means that Groceries such as milk, bread and eggs are significantly cheaper than in Denmark. And to get around the different experiences Turkey have to offer, you must be able to travel around by metro, bus, taxi, train, etc. As you can probably figure out, the price of transport is also extremely cheap. Just like the rent compared to other European cities.

If Turkey is your dream destination, you can study in the business metropolis Izmir at Yasar University. Izmir is also a beautiful coastal city and hub for multiculturalism. With 300 sunny days a year, a beach and beautiful mountain scenery, there is always plenty of culture to experience in Izmir. Its pretty much the perfect study abroad destination.


Imagine studying in a modern metropolis where high-rise building and asian culture is blended with a western touch, well thats Malaysia.

In Malaysia you can study in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Here, the cost of living is a bit more expensive at some points than in Izmir in Turkey, but it is only by tiny percentages. You can get a lot for your money in Malaysia, where you can also easily live like a king. Local ingredients and restaurants that serve locally are cheaper than in both Turkey and any other European country. But you have to be prepared for the fact that the more 'western' goods, such as fresh milk, wine and imported cheese, are significantly more expensive in Malaysia. But if you buy locally, then the food budget stretches a long way and there will even be space in the budget to eat out several times a week. The rent is about 70% lower in Kuala Lumpur than in for example Copenhagen, and you can therefore also get a reasonable apartment for your money.

In Malaysia you can study at Asia Pacific University in Kuala Lumpur. Here, you will experience one of the world's most beautiful skylines, great cultural diversity and tasteful experiences. If you choose to study in Malaysia, feel free to leave the winter jacket at home, since tropical surroundings are awaiting you there.

Costa Rica

We have taken the plane over the Pacific Ocean and landed in the Central American rainforest state of Costa Rica. Maybe living like a royal in tropical surroundings might be something for you?

Costa Rica, like the other two destinations, is an extremely price-friendly destination for students. Although restaurant visits are a bit more expensive here, the prices are still much lower than many European countries. Fortunately, the warm climate, like in Malaysia, makes Costa Rica a self-sufficient country when it comes to raw materials. You can therefore always buy freshly caught fish, meat, fruit and vegetables cheaply.

Rent is also very affordable in Costa Rica. In relation to a rent in the heart of the capital, the prices in San Jose are less than half of what you can expect in for example Copenhagen. This means that you can both live well and nicely during your time of studying in Costa Rica if you want to live off-campus in your own apartment.

If you wish to study abroad in Costa Rica, then the perfect option would be Veritas University San Jose. Your study environment will become a tropical paradise rich in culture, amazing wildlife, volcanic landscape and amazing social life. The beautiful nature allows most adventurous activities such as snorkeling and jungle tours you simply must experience! Lucky for you, you can experience lots of culture in San Jose and the rest of Costa Rica at student-friendly prices.

Okay, here is one more…

You made it this far, which will be rewarded with a bonus destination. It is the paradise island Fiji, believe it or not. You have probably heard that Fiji, like so many other islands, is super expensive to live in because all the goods you find at the grocery store are imported. Well.. you can easily expect to lower your grocery budget in Fiji. But beware, for something as innocent and delicious as an imported cheese can shake up your entire economy. Fortunately for those who like a slice of cheese on the breakfast bread, it is also produced locally in Fiji like other local ingredients such as fresh fruit and coconut water directly from the coconut. All at cheap local prices due to the local production.

You will probably have a constant urge to be outside when being in Fiji, well good news in terms of transport. For less than 50 cent per. ticket, you'll get around cheaply by public transport on the island. In addition, you'll easily get a complete meal in a restaurant for less than what you have to shell out for at a local takeaway fast-food place in your home city.

Would you like to study in Fiji, then check out our partner university The University of the South Pacific in the capital Suva. You can expect a relaxing lifestyle, crystal clear water, insanely beautiful sunsets and sunny days all year round! The perfect destination for the adventurous soul.

That was our suggestions of destinations with student-friendly prices. Experiencing the country while studying abroad is part of the adventure, so obviously having student-friendly prices at the destination makes it more accessible to enjoy the country. You can always count on Uniclub to make sure that you land at a internationally recognized University, so you never have to compromise on your education. Which Uniclub destination would you like to get the most out for your money? Let us know in the livechat and lets start the application today.

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