September 13, 2023

10 reasons to love Australia

10 reasons to love Australia
Deni Isic

There are several exceptional universities offered by Uniclub available in Australia. Below are 10 rock-solid benefits to choose Australia as your new student city from where you can study your bachelor's or master's degree. Choose between sunny University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba or tropical Southern Cross University, Gold Coast or maybe Deakin University if the big city life is more suitable for you.

First 5 reasons why student life is wonderful in beautiful Australia - and then 5 reasons why Australia is just a great place to live in.

1) An academic experience beyond the usual 📚

Whether you are going for top grades or one who does other things in your free time and get average grades, you will experience a fantastic academic culture where there is room for everyone. There is ample opportunity to get involved in academic and social clubs as well as organizations. If you choose Deakin University as your place of study, you can boast of having studied at a university that is among the top 2 percent worldwide.

2) Tired of boring lectures? ⏳

Then you should without a doubt choose an Australian university, where the many lectures are often scrapped in favor of group work and a more practical approach to the studies. The student's development (both personal and professional) is in high demand in the ambitious Australian education system. In addition, teaching in Australia is often divided into smaller classes so that you can achieve a closer community with your fellow students and increase your learning.

3) Literature-lover, biology-enthusiast or a mathematical genius? 🧮

Don't worry, there is a study area no matter where your passion lies. All our universities have countless disciplines that are just right for you. The door is open to a lot of different possibilities - it can be anything from Sport Science or Tourism to Law and Business. The Australian universities are known for their high academic level and some of the most sought after studies on the list including architecture and agricultural sciences. SCU, Goldcoast's studies in education, forestry and environmental management were named some of the best in Australia in 2021.

4) Large international environment  🌏

Students from all around the world flock to Australia to pursue a degree and even a career. This contributes to the fact that there is a large international student environment. Studying in Australia is without a doubt something that will embellish your resume and impress your future boss. At USQ, you meet students from more than 80 different countries, which creates great conditions for international students. Social gatherings are often held, which increase the large community.

5) Modern facilities 🖥

The Toowoomba campus at USQ offers state-of-the-art facilities with computer lab access 24 hours a day, a theater, art gallery, post office, two banks, a beautiful Japanese garden and a magnificent library. In general, conditions are quite good at Australian universities, where technology is paramount and universities are modern. But but but, you do not have to spend all your time with your head in the books. To that extent, you must also go out and experience Australia, which has a lot to offer! Just look at the 5 reasons below why you will absolutely love Australia.

6) A real water-lover? Then you will feel at home like never before 🌊

Australia is especially known for their unbelievably beautiful nature with incredible sandy beaches. As a result, the coast and the sea take up an enormous amount of space, there is space for everyone who want to enjoy the beach and wavy water. In the beautiful country there is plenty of opportunities to try out surfing, diving, sailing and much, much more. Australia is also the proud owners of the world's largest coral reef, the 'Great Barrier Reef'. So the acquisition of a diving certificate is an absolute necessity if you settle in the beautiful Australia.  

7) The Arts &  culture 🎨

Are you an art student or just fascinated by it? Then you should take a tour of Australia's caves and caverns, where you can get up close and personal with cave paintings that go back more than 50,000 years to testify Australia's unique history. Also, it is an absolute must for everyone to pay a visit to the Sydney Opera House, which was designed by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon.

Australia has a very rich cultural life with a lot of beautiful and fascinating monuments. For example, visit the former prison city of Port Arthur, the Tasmanine which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List featuring incredible and interesting stories. A beautiful place, which, however, contains horrific stories with harsh methods of imprisonment that led to insanity.

8) Wildlife - bouncing kangaroos, cute koala bears and jumping dolphins 🦘🐬

Next stop - Kangaroo Island. A home for the wonderful kangaroos that live side by side with animals from all over the world such as sea lions, koalas and an incredible number of birds and reptiles. More than 80% of all plants, mammals, quadrupeds and frogs in the world are actually only found in Australia - so if you are interested in this area, there is a whole new world opening up. An obvious place to study if you have chosen a field of study within biology and nature.  

9) The climate - sun, sun and more sun☀️

Australia is located in the subtropical climate belt, which produces long warm summers and short milder winters. Southern Cross University, Gold Coast campus is located just 400 meters from the beach, which allows you to enjoy the great views from the classroom or maybe even sunbathe or play a game of beach volleyball during the study breaks. Another huge plus of this particular campus is that it is located right next to the airport, so on the weekends you can take a short trip to beautiful destinations and explore even more of Australia with your new student friends. Pretty appealing, right?  

10) Gastronomy - wonderful ingredients, multicultural, fish shellfish - and not least, the wine! 🥘🍷

Hunter Valley, must and should be ticked off of your bucket list if you are going to study in Australia. There are countless of charming wineries and wine markets - where you can taste liters of delicious wine, and at the same time put your teeth into locally produced tasty cheeses, delicious chocolate and homemade olive oil. Australian gastronomy is a true fusion cuisine that has taken its inspiration from all corners of the world. In Australia, they have a great fondness for BBQ - here you will have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of BBQ events with the constant sunny weather, where an opportunity to light up the grill is rarely missed.  

Were these reasons enough? So hurry up to book a meeting with us ! Before you know it, you will be on board the plane to beautiful Australia and experience the adventure of a lifetime.

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