10 reasons to love the United States

The United States is a country that most people have on their bucket list. And why not combine this with a study abroad stay across the Atlantic?

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We offer four wonderful universities in America.  Colleges of Contra Costa  in San Franciso,  Colorado Mesa University,  Shiller International University in Tampa and not least California State University  Channel Islands. Four places, each of which has something different to offer - but they have in common that they are all located in the magnificent United States.

The thought has probably already crossed your mind, is it the US that you should choose as your country of study? Here are five reasons why student life is excellent in the United States - and then 5 reasons why the United States has other things to offer besides good education.

1) Exciting educations and subjects 📚 💡

Should it be Animation Design, Aviation Technology, Exercise Science or Performance Art? The possibilities are innumerable, and you are guaranteed to have a hard time choosing. There is something for everyone and you have the chance to take your dream education in the United States.

2) Fantastic study environment 👯 🎊

Who has not sat at home, glued to the TV screen, and dreamily seen on festive uni students in American teen movies? Movies that are packed with parties, pool parties and concerts, that portray the study environment in the best way. And believe it or not - you can be a part of it! There is usually a fantastic social cohesion at the campuses. Therefore, it is also quite obvious that you settle on campus or near the area so that you can strengthen your network (and party) even more.

3) Close togetherness and small teaching teams 🧠 💼

For teaching at American universities, there are rarely more than 40 students gathered, which strengthens both professionalism and togetherness. American students are often characterized by being direct and open, so you will no doubt quickly feel welcome and part of the community.

4) Greater probability of a good average 💯 🎓

At the undergraduate level, American universities often run multiple-choice questions for exams , where you can easily exclude one or more of the options. This means that it is a bit easier to complete an exam in the US than here in the EU, and that you hopefully do not have to take many re-exams.

5) At the forefront of technology and research 📡 🖥️

Universities in the United States are at the forefront when it comes to providing the best possible equipment available to their students - this applies to both technology and research. As an international student, you are highly valued by your lecturers and researchers as you bring new skills and ideas to the teaching and your fellow students.

... and now for the five non-academic reasons to go against the United States. Because you also have to spend your time on other things than textbooks and research, so here are five good suggestions for this.

6) Big city person? A true paradise awaits! 🌃 🚕

Can't get enough of great shopping, great movie theaters, giant companies, delicious restaurants, festive discos, luxurious casinos. Then you have come to the right country where you can get everything your heart desires. If you are a sucker for big city life, you should choose Colleges of Contra Costa in San Francisco, which is centrally located in the big city.  

7) More for nature and adventure? 🏄 ⛰️

Near Colorado Mesa University you can enjoy skiing, mountain biking, river rafting and climbing. All this is just an hour's drive away. But no matter where you are in the country, there is beautiful nature to pick up, and a lot of ways to challenge yourself. In the USA, there are oceans of nature experiences - from the wilderness, nature parks, mountains, deserts to the beautiful beaches, large gardens, wild rivers and wonderful lakes.

8) There is plenty of entertainment - the country where you never get bored🎙️ 🎭

Are you bored in the US? Then it's probably your own fault, as most of the big cities have tons of entertainment options. It's whether you're into Broadway, sports, music or something completely different. America is home to professional sports - both the NFL, NBA and NHL. Find your new favorite team, put on the fan jersey and clap in time!

Not a big sports fan? Don't worry, maybe stand-up comedy is more you? If you love a good laugh, you should without a doubt visit the many open-mic scenes around the country, where you can be introduced to both big stars and new talents - yes, who knows - maybe you will also have the courage to pose you up in front of the microphone?

9) The American traditions and anniversaries 🎃

The Americans have many good and great traditions, and there are always a wonderful occasion to celebrate life. Whether it's SuperBowl, 4th of July or scary Halloween. You get the pleasure of spending a lot of anniversaries in the US, which is usually done in a completely different way than in little Denmark. Something that you especially must not deceive yourself for is Thanksgiving, where you gather with your best friends and eat your fill of delicious turkey, pumpkin pie and cherry sauce. What's not to like?

10) Big, bigger, biggest! 🍔 🛍️

Everything is simply bigger in the US - whether it's highways, food rations or supermarkets. Visit a Target and you will instantly be beaten up with crazy cat socks, 50-centimeter long sandwiches and a bunch of wild gadgets that you did not yet know you were missing. Supersize is probably a word that you will encounter more than a few times during your stay in the United States. Take your new student friends under your arm, visit a Mall, order a giga cheeseburger menu and swing the Visa card in stores around the country.

Have you been convinced by these 10 good reasons? So hurry to book a meeting with us. There is nothing holding you back.


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